Alia Shawkat, MARRY ME!

On the next Arrested Development ...

Jeff Flake Wonders How Politics Got So Ugly, Doesn’t Own A Mirror

'How did we ever come to such a pass?' asks man who helped drive the bus.

Rudy Giuliani’s Brain Seems To Have Gotten Out Of Its Kennel Again

Rudy Giuliani gettin' all existential up in here.

You Can’t Break Up With Trump, North Korea! He’s Breaking Up With You First!

How bad did President Dumbass get rolled? AOT,K!

Man Heroically Catfishes Stupidest (Non-Nazi) Website On The Internet

Is Odyssey Online the worst company on the internet?

Donald Trump: Immigrant Babies, Like Britney Spears, Not So Innocent

Trump falsely demonizing immigrants again? Gee, it's been almost a week!

Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Is Excellent News For Saudi Prince

Guess everything's on the up-and-up now. What a relief. Hey, how about more tax cuts, huh?

Trump Knows How To Fix Black Folks’ Knees… Wonkagenda For Thurs., May 24, 2018

Trump has thoughts on taking a knee, the FBI will brief the Gang of Eight, and Trump thinks immigrant kids, like Britney Spears, are not so innocent. Your morning news brief.

Y’all Getting Rowdy In Here?

Care for a drink?

Tough Tomi, Titty

Tomi's Not That Wet

NICE TIME! Judge Rules Kid Who Just Wanted To Pee Can Pee


Congress Frees Big Banks From Regulations That Kept Them Only Obscenely Profitable

Don't be ridiculous. There are no icebergs in these waters.

Michael Cohen Prison Oddsmaker For May 23, 2018: Today’s Chances Are LOL!

Put on your kicky blazer, Michael Cohen. It's JAIL TIME!

Aaron Schlossberg Is The Least Racist Person Aaron Schlossberg Knows

Fuck you, Aaron. Nobody believes you.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry official wedding photo

Texas Bigot Should Be More Like The Queen

Queen Elizabeth is now blacker than Rachel Dolezal.

Betsy DeVos Wants Everyone To Be Happy. Bigots, And The Immigrant Kids They Rat Out To ICE

Since when do you expect the head of a federal agency to know anything about federal law?

Rudy Giuliani’s Mouth, Wikileaks Are Gifts That Keep On Giving

Rudy's legal strategy is ... outside the box!