lalala I can't hear you

Donald Trump, according to everybody, challenged either a pillar or a cornerstone of American Democracy at Thursday's debate when he said he'd have to...

No no no, we are sure Donald Trump Jr. was not hoovering up all the coke! OR WAS HE???

Dr. Gundry reveals the top 3 common foods that you would have never guessed were the cause of your fatigue.

Hillary Clinton used the third debate to give Trump the ass-kicking we've all been waiting for.

We worried the final Trump Clinton debate would be a sh*tshow. And it was but in only the best way!
Doesn't have the stamina to be president.

Let's talk about Bad Hombres, that Nasty Woman, and turd polishing! Here's your news brief!

still as cool and edgy as ever

James O'Keefe has released more dumb video that proves -- to people who believe it already -- the election is rigged.

BAD JOB, KELLYANNE CONWAY. Also, we kinda feel sorry for her.

Eat love laugh! Or whatever, OLIVE GARDEN.
Doing much better now

Thank goodness irrational fear of foreigners doesn't lead to tragic results.

Ooh, maybe they'll find the smoking gun this time!

Did John Kerry pressure Ecuador? is there a global conspiracy? DO YOU CARE?
His active bitch face is no prize either

Turns out Donald Trump has always respected women bigly, except when they needed to be bitches.

Our long national nightmare is almost over!

More proof that the Supreme Court ain't beanbag.
Needed more Fallout: New Vegas references

Damn feminists have ruined mediocre TV sci-fi, tell you what.

The return of Benghazi Mom, a great wall of taco trucks, & the flabby arm of the law! Here's your daily news brief!
Tanned, Rested, and Ready

BONUS VIDEO: Obama texting like a 16-year-old girl!

These people probably don't count, though, because they weren't in the audience when Trump groped that lady.
Needs more eye shadow, I know.

Also, nobody in Russia is complaining about Trump groping women. Yet.

President Obama is pretty sure Donald Trump doesn't have what it takes to live in the White House.
Yep, she's worried. Look at the fear in her eyes.

Is this 'quid pro quo' thing the smoking gun that should put Hillary IN JAIL? Ahem, no.