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Betsy DeVos Wanted To NOT Screw Transgender Kids? The Fuck You Say?

Betsy DeVos was ... the voice of reason? WTF?
He seems nice!

Guess CPAC Didn’t Find Milo’s Kid-Fucking Jokes That Funny After All

Video clips have surfaced of Milo talking about how sex with young boys should be legal, and you are no longer eating your lunch.

Jake Tapper: Fuck YOU, Fuck YOU, Fuck YOU, You’re Cool, Fuck YOU, I’m Out

Our boyfriend Jake is full of zingers, and his butt cheeks are perky!

When Texas Senator Tells Little Lady To Shut Her Mouth, She’ll Shut Her Fucking Mouth, Ya Hear?

When the gavel goes UP, the mouth goes SHUT.

Kinder, Gentler, Definitely Sane Trump Holds Press Conference To Tell Press To Fuck Right Off

Donald Trump had a press conference, and it was definitely a thing.

Sean Spicer: Criticizing Trump’s Yemen Clusterfuck Means You Piss On Dead Troops

Definitely sick of all the winning.

Wonkette To Ad Networks: Fuck Off And Die

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That's pretty adorable


We've been having such fun, or whatever is the opposite of fun, this week. First we yelled at James Comey, and the media, and the whole country. Then we yelled at this idiot and Jill Stein voters like her....

Dear James Comey: A Nice Thing To Do Today Would Be To Go Fuck Yourself

We'll get back to being constructive and helpful real soon, but for now, COME VENT WITH US.


Thanks a lot, media, for literally helping turn the world's greatest democracy over to a fucking tyrant.


You stupid fucking racist piece of shit cocksucker dicks.

(202) 224-3121, Just Call, Or Rahm Emanuel Will Fuck You UP

Very easy to call, on your sext-fone, ask for your Congressional Representative, and quickly/politely say "Pass the Health Care, sincerely, a Concerned American," and then you can go back to World of Warcraft/cleaning the garage. (Your editor is cleaning...

Fuck You, Nigerian Would-Be Plane Blower-Upper

The '00s have been an absolute disaster, a foul decade that started with George W. Bush running for president, was defined by his administration's moral/financial bankrupting of America in the name of 9/11, and ended with the last of...

Fuck, Marry, Kill: “First Daughter, First Love” Edition!

Gather ye rosebuds, everyone, it is time to play a game! It is the popular children's schoolyard game of "Fuck, Marry, Kill." Oh yes. We'll be considering three different zeitgeist-y people each week and dissecting their merits by applying...

Wingnut Blog Suggests Levi Johnston Also Fucking His Sister

Offered without comment: "What’s even more creepy is that the other person in the picture is his sister. And, as if lifted from the pages of Deliverance, she has his name tattooed on her back. Think about that one...

D.C. Still Fucking Shit Up