Thoughts On The Morning After America's Weekly High-Casualty Mass Shooting

As the sun rises over Wednesday, we awaken to the latest updates from America's weekly high-casualty mass shooting. This time it was in Uvalde, Texas, an hour west of San Antonio, and at this point, the number of victims is 21. This time it happened at an elementary school, so 19 of those were children, and two were teachers.

President Joe Biden wanted to know last night, "Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Why do we keep letting this happen? Where in God’s name is our backbone?” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy looked up from the carnage being inflicted on his own nation by Russia long enough to say that it was "terrible, to have victims of shooters in peaceful time." He also tweeted condolences more sincere than anything any American Republican has ever said about a mass shooting while cashing their blood money check from the NRA. (More on that in a second.)

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Herschel Walker Completely Shocked To Learn Trump Thinks 2020 Election Stolen

Georgia Republicans are today going to pick Herschel Walker, a complete fucking idiot with a swarm of scandalous ethical questions around him, to be their Senate nominee. Hopefully that will be the last thing he wins, like ever.

But if somehow things don't go his way tonight, we guess we won't have to worry about him having a conniption and saying the election was stolen, because he apparently doesn't think the guy who drafted him into running has ever said his own election was stolen, so why would Herschel Walker think such a thing?

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Widespread Backlash To Racist GA Voter Suppression Law Doesn't Make It NOT Racist Voter Suppression Law

Good news for democracy in Georgia: It's hanging on despite last year's new election law that sought to eliminate all the voter fraud that wasn't there in 2020. As a matter of fact, Georgia saw a surge in early voting for the primary that set new records, with over 800,000 Georgians casting primary ballots by the end of early voting. That's more than in 2018 or even in the 2020 primaries.

Not surprisingly, that's led to a lot of rightwing outlets crying, "See? All those Democrats who worried about 'voter suppression' were just lying, so the new voting laws are only making elections more secure, not stopping anyone from voting, hahaha, what a bunch of liars!"

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, an enthusiastic supporter of Georgia's SB 202, insisted the record turnout was a direct result of it, because of course he would. In a statement, Raffensperger claimed the "incredible turnout we have seen demonstrates once and for all that Georgia’s Election Integrity Act struck a good balance between the guardrails of access and security."

Mind you, the 2020 election in Georgia (and the rest of the country) didn't actually include any noteworthy incidents of fraud, apart from the predictable Trumpers voting twice to offset what they imagined was widespread fraud by Democrats. So it's hard to say the "security" side of things accomplished a damned thing.

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PA Senate Primary Turns Into Mud Wrestling GOP Free-For-All

If you're screaming to disenfranchise your own voters, you're probably losing. And yet that is the position the Pennsylvania GOP and the RNC find themselves in after Donald Trump's endorsement failed to push Mehmet Oz over the finish line in last Tuesday's Senate primary. So they find themselves intervening in a lawsuit to get Republican ballots tossed out, which is extremely DEMS IN DISARRAY, except LOL, it's the GOP.

As of this writing, Oz's lead over his closest rival, replacement-level white finance dude David McCormick, has shrunk to 977 votes, or less than 0.1 percent. That's well within the 0.5 percent margin for a mandatory recount, and there are still upwards of 5,000 votes untallied. Oz took Trump's advice to shout "I WIN, STOP THE COUNT!" but that didn't work, so now he and the GOP are flipping shit about McCormick trying to steal the game in overtime.

"President Trump is right, and others, that we should not have no excuse absentee voting. This influx of mail-in voting is clearly showing that systems are not ready for that and Pennsylvania is a case of that right now," snarked RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel to Fox's Martha MacCallum on Sunday, adding later that "We certainly do not think that ballots without dates should be counted, because how do you know when they came in?"

Which is bullshit, because you could sign and date your absentee ballot for Christmas and still have it be kosher. The only thing that counts is whether it has a date — any date at all — and whether it's received in time, a fact that is recorded by the county clerk, as McDaniel knows perfectly well. None of the Gippers could crack 31 percent, and that's got nothing to do with an "influx of mail-in voting."

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So Beto's Pissed

As well he should be.

In 2019, during Beto O'Rourke's short-lived run in the Democratic presidential primary, a white male terrorist entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, Beto's home, and murdered 20 people. That was an explicitly racist mass killing event, and Beto was not shy about talking about who was inspiring that racism, and what mass shooters use to mass-shoot people. (It's guns.) He said out loud over and over again that "This is fucked up." And he ran on that, without shame. He didn't win, obviously, but it mattered.

Now Beto O'Rourke is running for governor, and another gunman has murdered 21 in Uvalde, Texas. And the guy he's running against, living breathing piece of shit Greg Abbott, had a press conference today. And Beto showed up. And you can say all you want about how Beto sure does know how to get the camera on him at times like these, and we'll gently explain you how that is called "politics."

Beto was there to say, "You're doing nothing. This is on you." In response, one of Abbott's loser white boy goons called Beto a "sick son of a bitch" and Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick took a break from spreading white nationalist great replacement conspiracy theories to say there'll be "plenty of time" later on to decide what needs to be done about mass shootings.

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fox news

A Little Golden Book Of Very Smart Wingnut Takes On Texas Mass Shootings

How many different ways can they say 'Guns are not the problem'? Millions, it seems.

After yesterday's regular sacrifice of children to the Second Amendment, the Onion has devoted its main page to all 21 times it's had to use its headline "No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens." It's a far more intelligent use of the English language than anything you'd find in rightwing media since the murders, virtually all of which boiled down to explaining why this tragedy had absolutely nothing to do with the roughly 390 million firearms privately owned by Americans. There are 120 guns for every 100 of us, so we suppose that in keeping with the principle of democracy, we ought to let the guns vote. In fact, that may be the only argument Fox News hasn't aired yet. They may be saving it for primetime tonight.

The bad faith takes came hot and heavy, even semi-automatically, you could say. There were old familiar favorites, like "Let's arm the teachers," and some very au courant blends of conspiracy theory with the latest rightwing mania.The shooter was an 18-year-old from Uvalde, but that didn't prevent wingnuts from circulating rumors that maybe he was an undocumented border-jumper (A Florida GOP candidate was "just asking"), or spreading photos of a completely different transgender person and claiming they were the shooter. Actual Congressman Paul Gosar combined the two lies, insisting in a now-deleted tweet that the killer was a "Transsexual Leftist Illegal Alien," and probably a soccer fan, too.

Read More:

Republicans Know How To Stop School Gun Massacres: More Guns

Paul Gosar Probably Real Sorry For Saying Texas Shooter Was 'Transsexual Leftist Illegal Alien'

And from there, things got stupid.

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Madison Cawthorn And Buddies Find Themselves In Wee Spot Of Ethics Bother

Yeah, it's a big shocker.

The House Ethics Committee have been busy, busy bees of late. This week they're buzzing around three Republicans: Reps. Madison Cawthorn, Ronny Jackson, and Alex Mooney. It's always the ones you most suspect!

North Carolina's Boy Wonder, who got disinvited from the 118th Congress by the Deep State and/or his own constituents, will probably escape any consequence for his actions. Cawthorn's likely to be groping his cousin's junk in the private sector by the time the committee finishes its investigation. Nevertheless, it's not a great mark on your resume when your colleagues vote unanimously to start an investigation into whether you may have "improperly promoted a cryptocurrency in which he may have had an undisclosed financial interest, and engaged in an improper relationship with an individual employed on his congressional staff."

The cryptocurrency allegations probably relate to a Washington Examiner story all but accusing Congressman Frat Bro of participating in a pump and dump crypto scheme involving the Let's Go Brandon coin. And let's take a wildass guess that the "improper relationship with an individual employed on his congressional staff" relates to those videos of Cawthorn and his cousin/aide with their hands on each other's peeners in a NO HOMO, BRO display of affection.

Whatever! Can't wait to see the back of this pathetic manchild.

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