Michael Flynn Has Cool Idea To Help Putin Finish Genocide He Started

With every day that passes in Russia's war against Ukraine, being an American Putin apologist becomes a little bit grosser than it was the day before. It became grosser when the world started to see the mass graves full of executed civilian corpses that were left when Russian troops would leave a Ukrainian town. It became grosser when reports started coming out of Russian troops raping Ukrainian teenagers. With every atrocity, it's just that much more impossible to say that these people's arguments are academic in nature, that maybe they just have a different perspective on foreign policy.

So let's talk about disgraced pardoned literal actual traitor Michael Flynn, a man who's eaten dinner in Moscow close enough to Vladimir Putin to know what he smells like. We are eight weeks into this war that Ukraine did nothing to provoke, despite whatever Kremlin-scripted justifications people like Flynn, Tucker Carlson, and Tulsi Gabbard might have for it.

On Mike Lindell TV, which is a thing that exists — don't miss the chyron with the MyPillow discount code — Flynn told beclowned former OAN host Emerald Robinson that it's just time for everybody to stop helping Ukraine and let Russia win. You know, for humanitarian reasons.

He phrased it a bit differently, of course:

At the beginning of the clip, Robinson says that "if you listen to western media, it sounds like Ukraine is holding off Russia, but if you listen to not-western media, it sounds like Russia has the upper hand." Which is a cute way of saying Russian government-owned media.

And Flynn says, "Anybody that continues to put fuel on a blazing fire, meaning more weapons, more ammunition, more of the sort of warfare-type stuff that's thrown into this fire is going to keep this fire blazing for a long, long time, and I think that doesn't benefit anybody." Of course, the primary military aid that's happening is western countries giving Ukraine weapons and ammunition to push back against Russia's invasion. So what Flynn is really saying is just that everybody should stop helping Ukraine and let Putin finish the genocide he started.

You know, the type of thing a polite dinner guest of Putin's would say.

File:Vladimir Putin, Russia Today television channel (2015-12-10 ...commons.wikimedia.org

If you remember, Flynn has been fluffing the Kremlin's dick on this invasion since the beginning, arguing during its first week that it was really all the Biden administration's fault.

But we really ought to go further back in Flynn's history, specifically to the time in 2016 when, as a member of Donald Trump's transition team, he secretly negotiated with the Russian government not to respond to sanctions imposed by the Obama administration after Russia meddled in the 2016 election to steal it for Trump. That set of sanctions came on top of the other sanctions Obama had put on Russia after it invaded Ukraine the first time, in 2014. Then when Trump made him national security advisor, Flynn lied to the FBI about those secret negotiations with the enemy.

Elsewhere in the broadcast, Emerald Robinson wanted Flynn to respond to Malcolm Nance going to Ukraine to fight against Russia. Flynn's question was whether Nance was "fighting for a fascist dictator, or is he fighting for communism?" Which suggests Flynn may be too senile and/or huffing too much QAnon paint to even be qualified to discuss world affairs at this point.

Who's the "fascist dictator," Mike? Who's the "communism?" He's fighting on behalf of Ukraine, you traitorous dumbfuck, which is neither communist nor fascist.

As Judge Emmet Sullivan once memorably said to Flynn, "arguably you sold your country out." Arguably that includes selling out our allies, both Ukraine and the larger NATO alliance Putin's genocidal fantasies are threatening.

That's just what Michael Flynn does. That's just who he is. It's who he'll always be.

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