Do This Every Evening And Fungus Will Be Gone In No Time! Tabs, Fri., April 22, 2022

Do This Every Evening And Fungus Will Be Gone In No Time! Tabs, Fri., April 22, 2022

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Be more like Mallory McMorrow everyone. James Carville says so. (Washington Post free link)

What's that?

A fundraising message sent by state Sen. Tom Barrett (R-Charlotte), who is seeking the Republican nomination for the newly drawn 7th Congressional District, claims, “President Biden is forcing 5-year-olds to learn about gender reassignment surgeries, gender identities, and other radical ideas,” adding that “Every American needs to step up TODAY and stop this sick and twisted ideology from poisoning our children.”

Ohhhh, it's fuck you. — Michigan Advance

Florida Health Department issues new guidelines saying Florida children and adolescents should not be permitted to chop their genitals off "social transition," meaning change their clothes, names, and pronouns. For parental rights probably.

If all the educators and school superintendents would just quit, the Right wouldn't have to death-threat them! (NBC Connecticut)

Only one publisher allowed now for math textbooks in Florida, and it's owned by the Carlyle Group hahah lol don't we have fun. — Yahoo

Meanwhile, Judd Legum searched the math textbooks Florida DQed for all the CRT and you're not going to believe this but there wasn't any. (There was, though, instruction on thinking critically and also kindness and teamwork, so you know FUCK THAT.) (Popular Info)

CLANG CLANG MARCHING BAND, We Build the Wall grifter and Steve Bannon conspirator Brian Kolfage going TO JAIL. — Buzzfeed

It's not the choice "facing Maryland voters," Bulwark, it's the choice facing Maryland Republicans. But yeah, Gov. Larry Hogan is termed out and instead of getting behind his handpicked moderate successor (Hogan, a Republican in a deeply blue state, is the most popular governor in the country), they're probably going with the Trump loon. (Bulwark)

The state of our air quality is ... crap! (And if you live somewhere beautiful and natural that you thought wasn't polluted, you get wildfire particulate now too.) — NPR / American Lung Association report

The fuck was Paul Crouch up to, FBI??? (Muckrock)

Who wanna see (and bid on!) RBG's art collection? Oh, ALL OF US? That's what I thought! — Potomack auctions

From the comments! How pineapples became the ultimate symbol of Southern hospitality! (Southern Kitchen)

From my inbox! Except I can't find it now. But the gist was: Pineapples in the South are very much about slaving (my grandfather was VP of personnel at Dole or Del Monte in Hawaii after the war, which I am pretty sure means some Asian peoples were subjugated pretty badly) and everything is :(

Whoops! Seems like it might be time for some optimism of the will! — Noahpinion

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