Here's Rudy Giuliani Singing A Song With 'Bone' In The Title On 'The Masked Singer,' NSFW

Here's Rudy Giuliani Singing A Song With 'Bone' In The Title On 'The Masked Singer,' NSFW

You've been hearing about it today, probably. You may have heard about it back when the taping happened, when it leaked out that one of the contestants on the stupid Fox reality TV show "The Masked Singer" was revealed to be dirty human wastebasket Rudy Giuliani, who followed in the footsteps of fellow dirty human wastebasket Sarah Palin, who appeared on the show at the beginning of the pandemic, apparently as some kind of harbinger of enduring pestilence.

Oh golly, some people are mad about Rudy's appearance. Show judge Ken Jeong walked off dramatically! Judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger stayed to watch! Scherzinger thought maybe it was Robert Duvall, before Ken Jeong was like nope that's not it!

Variety has a whole column about how this is a low moment for the show, as if it was some paragon of quality TV before this, as if reality TV competition shows in general aren't mind-numbing trash for dog-brained people who think they're participating in democracy as long as they text at the end of the show to vote for their favorite.

Wonkette is under no such illusions.

When Rudy's reveal leaked back in February, we wrote that though Rudy "isn't allowed to practice law in any of the important places, [and] tried with all his might to help Donald Trump steal the 2020 election in soooooo many ways," he "would be the perfect person for the stupid singing show where somebody wears a mask and sings 'Rump Shaker' or 'I Wanna Sex You Up.'"

But we were wrong, because it was stupider than that. He didn't really sing, first of all. And his song was "Bad To The Bone." (You see, the theme of the season is "The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly." Rudy was one of the "bad.")

Raise you hand if you want to think about which "bone" Rudy speak-sings of, which he is "bad to."

His disguise was a jack in the box, which kind of nails it when you think of things you don't want jumping out at you.

But hey you guys, it's fine, because Rudy said he did the show to be a good example for his granddaughter:

"I want her to know you should try everything — even things that are completely unlike you and unlikely — and I couldn't think of anything more unlike me or unlikely than this," he said.

    Raise your hand if you wanted to think of Rudy trying new things today.

    The ratings for Giuliani's episode sucked dick, and that's the end of what we'd like to type about this, the end.



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