Candace Owens Knows How All The Doctors Murdered Everyone With COVID-19

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Candace Owens Knows How All The Doctors Murdered Everyone With COVID-19

Rightwing crackpot Candace Owens spreads a slime trail of slander wherever she goes. She’s shamelessly smeared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and now she’s accused American health care workers of MOIDER.

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During a Turning Points USA event this week, Owens crapped the following conspiracy-infested diarrhea. Even her buddy Charlie Kirk seemed incredulous but that’s just how his face looks all the time.

OWENS: Well, I'm a big believer that they intentionally killed people in hospitals during COVID. They wouldn't let family members in there to make decisions for them.

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease and was a potential death sentence prior to the vaccine. It is heart-wrenching that family members were physically separated from their sick and dying loved ones, but that was to prevent further death. They weren’t letting creepy aliens futz around with their organs behind closed doors.

OWENS: I personally saw, when I went to an asthma clinic, that they would not give me life-saving asthma treatment because breathing was not allowed, even though they had the nebulizer.

Owens has previously claimed that she was denied treatment for her severe asthma in October 2020 because of “government mandates.” This is probably as close to the truth as we currently are to Jupiter. She was apparently close to death but the doctors withheld life-saving medication from her under orders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is normally the point during the crazy person on the subway's diatribe that you get off the train a couple stops early and just walk the rest of the way. Life’s too short.

It gets worse because there’s truly no bottom for this bottom feeder:

OWENS: So there was no question that they colluded to kill American citizens so they could fluff numbers and say that people died from COVID.

OK, so now the COVID-19 numbers aren’t fake, which Owens claimed two years ago. The new rightwing conspiracy sashaying down the crazy runway is that the government murderized people so they could artificially inflate the COVID-19 death totals. Homicide is much simpler than falsifying official records ... I hear.

I still to this day question the use of ventilators. It makes entirely no sense. People need oxygen, not compression on their chest when they're dealing with something that's in their chest.

Dr. Candace Owens, Pre-MD can’t understand why doctors would place patients suffering from a respiratory ailment and struggling to breathe on a ventilator, a medical device that moves breathable air into and out of the lungs.

Owens contends that the "government wanted people to die. There's no question. Because it fed the narrative.” This is the same government that Owens valiantly defends against accusations of systemic racism. No, America is a nation that murders citizens based on the content of their character not the color of their skin.

OWENS: And we're talking about crimes against humanity. People should face long prison sentences. People should face tribunals because of what they did during COVID.

I’m hardly one to judge how someone chooses to earn a living, but Owens, who’s contributed nothing of value to society, is cashing checks on the reputations of actual American heroes: Medical professionals worked grueling hours in desperate conditions trying to save the lives of COVID-19 patients. They didn’t always succeed, but they damn well didn’t murder anyone.

Owens is big on “tribunals” for those she’s recklessly accused of “crimes against humanity.” She wasn’t content to celebrate a fellow rightwing hack overturning the federal mask mandate. No, she told Tucker Carlson Tuesday that "we should want to see these people face consequences because guess what Tucker? The CDC broke the law. That's the ruling says. It was unconstitutional.” That’s obviously not how the law works but Owens doesn’t have time for facts: She’s busy raising a lynch mob against public health professionals.

Let’s never forget just who Owens is demonizing. They don’t deserve this, and Candace Owens deserves only our contempt.

[Media Matters]

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