Trump Savors Kevin McCarthy’s Soul As Light Appetizer Before Dinner

There was much discussion last week about the supposed fall of House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, after it was confirmed that he’s a lying, spineless weasel. New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns revealed in their book This Will Not Pass that McCarthy had told Republicans after the January 6 attack that he was going to demand insurrectionist-in-chief Donald Trump resign. McCarthy denied this, of course, but Martin and Burns had audio recordings backing up their reporting. Whoopsie!

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Former GOP Rep. Justin Amash, who voted for Trump’s first annual impeachment, tweeted Friday, “I met a lot of duplicitous people in Congress but none more conniving and fundamentally dishonest than Kevin McCarthy. He will say or do whatever he thinks is necessary at a particular moment to obtain or maintain power.”

That’s key here. I personally don’t believe McCarthy or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were briefly inspired to patriotism and then simply caved under pressure. They were always motivated by their immediate self-interest. In the aftermath of January 6, Trump seemed like a giant political albatross. Who could’ve imagined he’d not wind up in prison or that the Republicans who enabled his coup attempt would face no serious repercussions? If McCarthy or McConnell could’ve predicted what's happened so far with Attorney General Merrick Garland and bipartisan infrastructure deals, they would’ve just shrugged and started preparing for Trump’s 2024 campaign.

However, it seems as if reports of McCarthy’s political demise were premature. He’s spent the past few days reassuring his Republican colleagues that Trump ain’t mad at him. That’s all that really matters in this fascist cult of personality. Yes, McCarthy lies through his teeth and isn’t smart enough to realize that Elise Stefanik is an obvious backstabbing Starscream. (Rick Wilson suggests she could have leaked the damaging tapes.)

However, Trump is an inveterate liar, and was once outmaneuvered by Omarosa. Who is he to judge? Besides, he apparently gets off on McCarthy’s humiliation. Trump likes to catch largemouth bastards, but he doesn’t release them. He just watches them flap around pathetically.

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Trump told the Wall Street Journal Friday that he and McCarthy are still best buds and he suggested but pointedly did not confirm that he’d support McCarthy’s desperate quest for the speaker’s gavel.

He claims he doesn’t “know of anybody else that’s running,” which sounds like he’s casting for another season of "The Apprentice." Somewhere, Elise Stefanik is singing, "Hey, Mister Arnstein Trump, here I am!”

Then there’s this quote from the Washington Post that reinforces what a sick, twisted fuck the 45th and perhaps 47th president is:

“I think it’s all a big compliment, frankly,” Trump said in the interview about McCarthy and all the other Republicans who continued to back him after initially pulling away in the days after Jan. 6. “They realized they were wrong and supported me.”

McCarthy’s support from GOP leadership is hardly robust, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise’s spokesperson Lauren Fine said in a statement that his “sole focus is on working with his colleagues to stop the radical Democrat agenda” and that “neither he nor anyone on his team recorded or leaked private conversations among members.” The number two House Republican does not mention McCarthy by name and it seems like he’d much rather you go bug Stefanik about the tapes.

Stefanik, for her part, declared Friday that she still supports McCarthy for speaker, although she didn’t say she wouldn’t take the job if it fell into her lap like it did Paul Ryan the last time McCarthy’s loose lips sunk his speakership.

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace told Fox News she doesn’t think this is story is going anywhere and that she supports McCarthy “100 percent. He supports my campaign. He’s supported me in office.”

Man, the last thing McCarthy needs is Mace’s help. Trump hates her. Hell, Trump might demand McCarthy publicly endorse Mace’s primary opponent, Katie Arrington. We all know McCarthy would comply without hesitation. He’s singularly devoid of principle and honor.

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