These Tattoo Covers Let Us Believe In Second Opportunities! Tabs, Mon., April 25, 2022

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These Tattoo Covers Let Us Believe In Second Opportunities! Tabs, Mon., April 25, 2022

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Macron beats Le Pen 58-42, which is less than you'd like with an honest to god fascist but would probably be far worse if Le Pen hadn't promised to bring France to Putin. I see this like the GOP snatching defeat from the Democrats (I HOPE) by promising to burn all the gays for witches. We will see o.O (CNBC)

Putin's forced deportations of Ukrainians to Russia. It's not great.NBC News

I'm not seeing anything new in this story about Jamie Raskin saying Mike Pence refused to get in the car with the Secret Service on January 6, but maybe it's new for other people. I guess it's new that Raskin affirms the Secret Service had bad intent. Maybe? Anyway, there'll be hearings soon and we'll see if people can be reminded that REPUBLICANS ARE BAD FUCKING PEOPLE BREAKING THE COUNTRY. (NBC News)

The humiliation of Kevin McCarthy at The Bulwark. But can you shame the shameless?

Why did Florida ban all the math textbooks except the ones published by a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group? Oh, a very good not at all ginned up reason!

In a March interview conducted over email, Mr. [Chris] Rufo stated that while social-emotional learning sounds “positive and uncontroversial” in theory, “in practice, SEL serves as a delivery mechanism for radical pedagogies such as critical race theory and gender deconstructionism.”

“The intention of SEL,” he continued, “is to soften children at an emotional level, reinterpret their normative behavior as an expression of ‘repression,’ ‘whiteness,’ or ‘internalized racism,’ and then rewire their behavior according to the dictates of left-wing ideology.”

(My bold.) What he means, and this is entirely intentional, is that they don't want children learning to disagree respectfully, work as a team, and not bully. They want children bullied. They want adults bullied. So we'll all conform properly. Say you want about National Socialism, at least it's their ethos. (New York Times free link)

"Everywhere Babies" seems like a pretty fuckin crazy book to ban. (Washington Post free link)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott found zero drugs and zero illegally crossing immigrants in his "enhanced" border search, but it's not like that was the purpose anyway. The purpose was to cause pain to American wallets by keeping trucks from delivering their goods, and it worked. — Texas Tribune

Youngs are unenthused about Democrats this year and Democrats need to take it seriously. Yes, we know it's difficult when two of your 50-seat majority are Sinema and Manchin and the Supreme Court is shitting on everything that does pass. But throwing up our hands is not good enough. (NBC News)

A very dull tick-tock of behind the scenes at CNN+, which shut down after hundreds of millions of dollars and several weeks, because some suits thought it would be their legacy and other suits were annoyed, oh my god is that not what's interesting about that. (Vanity Fair)


I love this story about the funeral home director (nephew of the guy who inspired the best TV show finale of all time, shut up don't you argue with me, "Six Feet Under") who used his equity in the Kmart mansion we looked at some weeks back to buy Detroit's Jew bathhouse that survived for some decades thanks to the swingers orgies, which they don't have anymore, but thank you for your service. — Bridge Michigan

Realtor dot com asks the real question: But what about John Wayne Gacy's house?

Chocolate marshmallow cookies! (And they worked just fine with "plant butter" too!) — Baked the Blog

Okay but a lot of these tattoo coverups are really pretty. (Doc Journals)

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