Arizona GOP Gov Candidate Kari Lake Will Find 2020 Election’s Real Killers

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Arizona GOP Gov Candidate Kari Lake Will Find 2020 Election’s Real Killers

Trump-endorsed Kari Lake is still running in the GOP primary for Arizona governor, and she’s still coup-coup for the Big Lie. She doesn’t even consider Joe Biden the real president of the real United States. That’s why she calls President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris by their first names, like they’re the help. She tweeted the other day, “Joe and Kamala are driving the country into the ground. I am running for governor to keep them from taking Arizona with them.”

She’s not just rude, though. She’s also openly seditionist. She declared that as governor, she’d close her eyes and ignore everything Fake President Biden said.

LAKE: We’re not going to take any cues from Joe Biden. He’s an illegitimate president … We’re gonna secure that border. We’re gonna finish President Trump’s wall … We’ve got the narcoterrorists running the show now, thanks to Joe Biden, and I don’t know why anybody listens to this guy. He shouldn’t even be in the White House.

The Constitution is why people listen to Biden. He also has a lovely speaking voice. It’s very soothing.

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Lake has already said she wouldn’t have certified Biden’s victory in Arizona. Outgoing GOP Governor Doug Ducey did because he’s apparently a RINO who obeys the law. Lake still thinks Arizona was stolen from Trump, but don’t waste your time waiting for evidence to support those wild accusations. Lake doesn’t need proof when she has instinct.

During the GOP primary debate this weekend, Lake vowed to bring the election thieves who totally exist to justice.

LAKE: I will not allow the people who ordered this corrupt election to get away with it. The board of supervisors … I’m not friends with them. I don’t know who ordered this election to be stolen. It may be several people. I’m not friends with them, like some people. I will get to the bottom of it. We’re not just gonna get the low-level people who stuffed the ballot boxes. We’re going right to the top.

It seems as if she’s accusing Biden of orchestrating the big election heist of 2020. This sounds bonkers, but it’s likely the pretense the GOP will use when demanding Biden’s impeachment, and then Harris as well. She drove the getaway voting machine.

Lake apparently thinks she’s running for Columbo instead of governor. She’s also joined GOP secretary of state candidate Marc Finchem, a fellow wackjob, and asked a federal judge to block the use of voting machines in the 2022 election. We guess they want an artisanal election where every vote is counted by (white) hand. This appears to be Trump’s preference, as well. During his Ohio rally this weekend, he expressed his support for the Mike Lindell-bankrolled lawsuit: "Hand, hand, hand count system! Paper — paper, paper, paper! We don't have to worry about signals being sent down from the sky!” Yeah, we don’t know, either.

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Somewhat normal terrible Republican candidate Karrin Taylor Robson is gaining on Lake in the polls, so Lake has responded with sensible critiques of her policy positions. Haha just kidding. She’s grossly taken Robson's words out of context to suggest she hates America, and when called out on it, she claimed Robson is a scuzzy gold digger: “I just think it’s disgusting that an open-borders, Ducey-clone RINO is trying to buy the election with her 95-yr-old husband’s millions. And the people of Arizona deserve to know about it.”

Robson didn’t attend Friday’s dumpster fire debate where Lake posed in front of an empty podium with Robson’s photo that read “Where’s Karrin?” (We assume she was home.) Robson didn’t miss much. Lake and primary opponent Matt Salmon discussed imprisoning Dr. Anthony Fauci for, we guess, killing people with masks. Lake suggested that an Arizona sheriff put out an arrest warrant on Dr. Fauci, who doesn’t live in Arizona.

Lake knocked Salmon’s “insider” political experience, and boasted that she’s an outsider with no experience. She also dragged Salmon and Steve Gaynor for having lost previous races. This is Lake's first campaign for anything so her track record is spotless. You can’t beat that logic, although we hope to God someone beats Lake.

Recent polls show Lake narrowly ahead of Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, the secretary of state.

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