Dr. Birx Recalls Creepy ‘Twilight Zone’ Episode Where Blithering Idiot Is POTUS During Global Pandemic

Dr. Birx Recalls Creepy ‘Twilight Zone’ Episode Where Blithering Idiot Is POTUS During Global Pandemic

Sunday was apparently the two-year anniversary of when Donald Trump suggested that people could fight COVID-19 with common household disinfectants (an admittedly slight oversimplification of events). I’m not sure why Bleach Day is a thing, considering that the former COVID-spreader-in-chief remains the presumptive GOP presidential frontrunner. I prefer celebrating the idiocy of my enemies when they’re no longer a threat.

Much was made at the time of the look of concentrated aghast on Dr. Deborah Birx’s face during this infamous coronavirus briefing. No one was more embarrassed about this shit show than she was, as Dr. Birx now insists during the promo tour for her pandemic payday book, Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, Covid-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It’s Too Late.

THE BEST OF DR. BIRX: Dr. Birx Wrote A Book About Her Swell COVID-19 Response ... Wait, Where You Going?

During an interview on “Good Morning America,” Dr. Birx was asked how she felt when Trump spat stupid over everyone. She told host George Stephanopoulos:

This was a tragedy on many levels ... The whole point of asking the DHS scientists to do the work was so that children could get outside and play on playgrounds. We asked DHS scientists to look at disinfectant and its impact because we knew it had an impact on COVID, on the surfaces, and compare it to sunlight ... We thought if we presented the data, parents would take their children back outside.

The actual tragedy is that the US president during a global pandemic was a complete moron who confused sunlight as a natural disinfectant with the chemical agents sold in the supermarket. Dr. Birx had another interview Tuesday with ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton where she lamented how Trump bungled a fairly positive and straightforward message.

I wanted to be able to reassure the parents that the natural disinfection activity of the sun, with its ability to produce those free radicals that eat these viruses and bacteria and fungi, their membranes, that that would work.

She writes in her book, whose title I won't type again because my lifespan is finite, that she’d wanted to fall through the floor as Trump had an improvisational science jam in front of a frightened nation. (She’d later try to massage his remarks.)

“I just wanted it to be ‘The Twilight Zone’ and all go away,” Birx said. “I mean, I just — I could just see everything unraveling in that moment.”

That’s not how "The Twilight Zone" works. She’s thinking of "Fantasy Island.” We all existed in an extended "Twilight Zone" episode during the Trump administration. Now, as we head toward midterms, it feels more like "Tales From the Darkside.”

THE BEST OF DR: BIRX: Dr. Birx Thinks We Could’ve Prevented So Many COVID-19 Deaths If We Hadn’t Listened To Dr. Birx

Dr. Birx said she immediately elevated her concerns to Trump’s most senior staff — a fine bunch of future coup conspirators, as well as Olivia Troye, an adviser to then-Vice President Mike Pence who later quit in disgust.

And by the next morning, the president was saying that was a joke. But I think he knew by that evening, clearly, that this was dangerous.

Trump obviously lacked the humility to admit he fucked up, even though reports of people sipping Lysol cocktails increased in the days following his remarks.

We had spent so much time getting everyone to take the virus seriously, and we had these whole series of actions that were critical to saving American lives in that moment. And I could see everything would be unraveled after that moment.

Yes, because Trump is a monster and a fool whose malicious incompetence likely cost countless lives. Go buy Dr. Birx’s book if you want to get even more pissed ... or not.

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