What Kitchens Looked Like The Year You Were Born! Tabs, Wed., April 27, 2022

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What Kitchens Looked Like The Year You Were Born! Tabs, Wed., April 27, 2022
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What to know about the Supreme Court and MPP (the Remain in Mexico policy for asylum-seekers). — Ian Millhiser at Vox

New: The Court seems fucking annoyed by the judge who ordered Biden to maintain Trump's MPP. (That judge is Michigan Democrat Elissa Slotkin JUST KIDDING. OR AM I????) (Millhiser at Vox again)

And same regarding religion in public schools and how the Supreme Court's going to rule on that. (PROBABLY NOT AWESOMELY!) — Millhiser at Vox again more also

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva what now?

More at LA Times. Believe it or do not believe it, but that sumbitch ran for sheriff as a progressive criminal justice reformer SPIT SPIT MAD EYE PTUI.

But do the Chicago anti-violence trainings work? Yes. Yes they do. (Chicago Sun Times)

Who's grooming who? A list of #republicansexualpredators. — Google doc / National Memo

Inflation may kill your news darlings as people cut discretionary spending on newspapers and other people's substacks and only rich people can afford the news. But not at Wonkette, where we both will never have a paywall and we will NEVER DIE. (The American Prospect)

What if, and Ryan Cooper is just spitballing here, moderate Democrats criticized Republicans instead of Democrats, since "Democrats attacking their own party base and leadership seems unlikely to convince many to vote for Democrats" and Republican plans and policies are actually incredibly unpopular? (TAP)

What's happening with the Colorado River, Lake Mead, and Lake Powell? Just counting some magic beans. (Grist)

Don't drink grave water or you can die young like all the Bronte sisters and one brother I guess. — LitHub

Take your library card and go "check out" some seeds heart hug emoji. — Civil Eats

I don't love this off grid art farm, particularly because I think off grid art farms should not be millionaire shit, they should be crazy person out in the desert shit. BUT. If I were a person who exercised, I might like to exercise there. (Realtor)

Top Chef recipes? That sounds hard. I better click through each one and find out. — Food and Wine

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