Loser Ex-Senator David Perdue Set To Lose Another Rigged Election In Georgia

Loser Ex-Senator David Perdue Set To Lose Another Rigged Election In Georgia

It looks as if Donald Trump’s deranged vendetta against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp will only result in former Sen. David Perdue’s complete humiliation. According to a new poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kemp leads Perdue among voters in the GOP governor’s primary 53 percent to 27 percent.

If his lead holds, Kemp would cross the majority threshold necessary to avoid a runoff. Although, runoffs haven’t worked out well for Perdue, either. The poll, conducted by the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs, has a margin of error of 3.3 percent, so it’s always possible that Perdue is only losing by 20 points.


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Kemp spanks Perdue in almost every category of primary voter polled. Perdue only leads Kemp among voters who said Trump’s endorsement made them more likely to support a candidate. Otherwise, it’s a rout. Worse, Perdue’s relentlessly negative campaign against Kemp has backfired. Kemp enjoys 71 percent approval among Republican primary voters with just 21 percent holding an unfavorable view of the governor. However, Perdue, a former Republican senator, has just 57 percent approval with just 30 percent disapproval.

“Election security” is the most important issue for primary voters polled, but they appear satisfied with the voter suppression laws Kemp has signed. Perdue’s “stabbed-in-the-back” platform isn’t resonating.

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The AJC poll is from April 10 to 22, so just a few days before the governor’s debate where Perdue made an ass of himself on Trump’s behalf. He delivered a more admirable performance at the 2020 Senate debate he refused to attend.

I admit I’d hoped that Kemp and Perdue would beat each other senseless, and Stacey Abrams could mop up whoever was left with one of my wife's homemade buttermilk biscuits. However, if Trump could successfully unseat a governor for the offense of simply following the law, that would serve as another knife in the back of democracy. Greg Sargent at the Washington Post describes how big the stakes are in this primary:

A decisive Kemp win would show that Republican officials can abide by the integrity of election losses and live to tell the tale — that is, without immediately seeing their careers implode in the next GOP primary.

Sargent notes there’s something "uniquely repulsive and corrupt” about Perdue’s embrace of the Big Lie. He’s not content to wallow in resentment over a past election loss. He’s more proactively evil: He declared he wouldn’t have certified President Joe Biden’s win in Georgia, as if the governor gets a veto over free and fair elections. He accused Kemp at the debate of caving and letting “radical Democrats ... steal our election.” Note the emphasis on “our.” The actual results are immaterial to Perdue. The election “belongs” to Republicans and it’s somehow a “radical” subversion of the natural order if Democrats win.

Senator Jon Ossoff defeated Perdue while carrying just 29 percent of the white vote. His victory is directly related to the 92 percent of Black Georgians who voted for him. Kemp is no saint — the voter suppression laws are clearly intended to reduce the share of the Black electorate in future elections — but Perdue’s diatribe about “stolen” elections is straight-up Jim Crow rhetoric. As Sargent says, “this reprobate can’t lose by enough,” but I’ll still toast to his likely double digit loss.

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