Ben Shapiro: Elon Musk Doesn’t Need Liberal Twitter Staff Or Liberal Twitter Users ... Just This Ashtray

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Ben Shapiro: Elon Musk Doesn’t Need Liberal Twitter Staff Or Liberal Twitter Users ... Just This Ashtray

Elon Musk is all set to acquire Twitter, which it seems pleases no one who actually works at Twitter. Ben Shapiro — an evil ventriloquist dummy that came to life — declared yesterday that Musk should just fire everyone at the company because they’re all liberal. That should reinforce Musk’s supposed commitment to free speech!

I’m not sharing video of that twerp, but here’s what he said:

Musk needs to come in and he needs to fire everyone. I mean, everyone! Twitter has hundreds, if not thousands of employees.

There’s been studies done of the donations, the political donations of the people working at Twitter. 98.7% of all donations from the people working at Twitter went to Democrats in the last election.

Forgive me for stating the obvious here but Ben Shapiro is bone-dead stupid. I last worked in corporate management a decade ago, but I still think it matters whether a corporation employs “hundreds” or “thousands” of people. That’s the sort of minor fact you’d want to confirm before proposing mass layoffs.

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Twitter has about 7,000 employees. It’s actually a relatively small company compared to Facebook, which employs 71,970 full-time employees as of December 2021. (Facebook hired 10,000 people just in 2020.) Twitter is based in California, which is an at-will employment state. Musk can fire all the employees he wants but he can’t do so for unlawful reasons. That includes an employee’s race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and yes their political beliefs and affiliation. Someday Harvard Law is going to demand its diploma back.

Considering why most conservatives like Shapiro would want to fire someone, an employment lawyer could save time just telling them that “at-will” employment isn’t actually a thing. All their motivations for terminating people are probably already illegal.

But wait, you might ask if you’re also a stupid person, Shapiro just believes that people who donate to Democrats can’t competently execute Elon Musk’s grand vision:

It doesn’t matter what rules Elon Musk sets top-down if the so-called ‘Twitter Deep State’ is still implementing its favored policies. Because this is the thing, Donald Trump found this out when he was president.

What Trump discovered is the US Constitution, which deliberately set up checks and balances against aspiring despots. The presidency isn’t a dictatorship, and all those supposed “Deep State” members didn’t resist him out of spite. There were just all these pesky laws Trump kept wanting to violate.

If this deal goes through, Musk is free to turn Twitter into 8Chan, and the employees are free to leave (the 13th Amendment is just as relevant as the First). Some might even stay and help implement his mad dream. However, Shapiro is assuming ill intent from liberal employees without actual evidence, which is inherently prejudicial and discriminatory. Let me explain this like Shapiro’s a two-year-old: You can’t buy a company and fire the Black employees because you think they’re all shiftless, you have to actually write down if they're showing up late.

You can name the policy top-down but if everyone at the State Department hates your guts, they’re just going to undermine your policy.

Shapiro is a tiny tyrant, a less persuasive Yosemite Sam, who can’t understand that leadership requires more than just brute force. Sometimes your employees have the leverage. Of course, Shapiro’s the one who suggested Amazon resolve its labor disputes by just firing everyone. That’s also not entirely legal — or even a little.

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If Shapiro ever bothered to actually research any topic he discusses before opening his stupid mouth, he’d know that tech employees in general skew young (ageism is an issue in the industry). President Joe Biden decisively won voters under 44. It’s likely the so-called “Twitter Deep State” are also college graduates, and Biden won college-educated voters of all races.

But even if Musk could legally impose some conservative affirmative action recruitment drive and not have the site explode during his first week in charge, he’d still need to consider Twitter’s customer base. Remember them? Close to 60 percent of Twitter’s almost 400 million users are between the ages of 25 and 49. (Almost 40 percent is between 25 and 34.) A third of Twitter’s users have college degrees, and 27 percent of its users live in urban areas while 18 percent reside in rural areas.

Shapiro has Daily Wire mugs for “leftist tears,” and that’s fine for his angry little corner of the Incelnet. However, that’s not a promising business model for a global corporation.

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