Tucker Furious With Squad Liberal Kevin McCarthy, But Rest Of GOP Seems Pretty Meh

The hits just keep coming for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and by "hits," we mean "recordings of him speaking that expose him as a total liar."

Last night, Tucker Carlson whined about how after the domestic terrorist attack of January 6, aka Inbred Coachella, McCarthy spoke on the phone with other senior Republicans including Liz Cheney about how he wished Twitter would ban some more Republicans besides Donald Trump.

Click play and start laughing when Tucker says "Quote!" and then says "Quote!" again with a little flirty bop of his angry little pissy head, in order that his viewers may know he's really saying a McCarthy quote. Carlson says McCarthy "in private sounds like an MSNBC contributor." He says if conservatives don't get it together, then McCarthy or another "liberal" like Elise Stefanik (LOL) will end up being House speaker in January, which would mean a "puppet of the Democratic Party" was leading Congress.

Oh boy, he is so mad.

So Kevin McCarthy's life continues to be a barrel of laughs and a bucket of blowjobs, and lordy there are so many tapes.

The latest tranche dropped last night from Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin, the authors of the forthcoming book This Will Not Pass, and of course the audio was released along with it. McCarthy definitely said that thing about how he wished Twitter would do cancel culture to Republican congressmen just like it had done to Trump. He didn't want rhetoric from Republican congressmen to get (more) people hurt. “The country is too crazy,” he said. “I do not want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hurt. I don’t want to play politics with any of that.”

It was January 10, he was on the phone with other GOP House leaders, and he had Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks on his mind. They also talked about other braindead Republican congressmembers like Lauren Boebert and Barry Moore of Alabama, a name readers might not be as familiar with.

And he wanted them to shut up on social media.

“He’s putting people in jeopardy,” Mr. McCarthy said of Mr. Gaetz. “And he doesn’t need to be doing this. We saw what people would do in the Capitol, you know, and these people came prepared with rope, with everything else.”

Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the No. 2 House Republican, suggested that Mr. Gaetz might be crossing a legal boundary.

“It’s potentially illegal what he’s doing,” Mr. Scalise said.

Steve Scalise said House Republican members were concerned about things Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert were saying. McCarthy said Brooks had done more inciting on January 6 than Trump, referring to how Brooks had told the mouthbreathers that day was "the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.”

“You think the president deserves to be impeached for his comments?” Mr. McCarthy asked rhetorically. “That’s almost something that goes further than what the president said.”

"We can't put up with that type of shit," McCarthy said.

On the call, McCarthy heard quotes from Barry Moore of Alabama, who before deleting his Twitter account had tweeted, "I understand it was a Black police officer that shot the white female veteran. You know that doesn't fit the narrative." That's exactly the moment when McCarthy asked if they could take those congressmen's Twitter accounts away too.

The Times notes that this is the same call where McCarthy said he was going to call Trump and tell him to resign, which he lied about when it was first exposed.

So this was quite a phone call!

Here's how this is going over with one of the garbage humans McCarthy and the others were talking about that day:

Mo Brooks babbled something about how McCarthy "spoke before knowing the facts." Andy Biggs is out there bitching somewhere. And sure, there may be a contingent of House Republicans that really are out for McCarthy's blood.


The headline at The Hill right now is that House Republicans gave McCarthy a standing ovation today in their meeting. You see, he told them on those phone calls he was just speculating about things. Some of the Republicans in attendance didn't even listen to the tapes:

“This is a distraction, folks. Come on. This is simply a distraction by the left trying to drive a wedge in a very unified Republican Party and a very unified conference,” said Rep. Barry Loudermilk (Ga.). [...]

“Unless you’re a member of the press, nobody gives a damn about Jan. 6,” [Glenn] Grothman said.

Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke and said it was "hurtful" for McCarthy and Scalise to suggest Republican congressmen should be banned from social media, and she would know because of how she is banned. Gaetz reportedly stomped around like a priss, so that's something new and different.

But again, McCarthy got a standing ovation.

Politico Playbook was full of quotes this morning from folks like Jim Jordan ("I’m for Donald Trump being the next president and Kevin McCarthy being the next speaker") and Barry Moore (“The RINOs engineering this story to promote their own selfish agenda won’t be around next year to prop up the Democrats’ destructive Big Government scheme") and others, most of whom seem to have decided this story is a creation of the fake news.

Tapes have a well-known liberal bias, of course. Especially if you're telling your caucus members the tapes have been selectively edited. Which is apparently what McCarthy did today.

But look, despite how some in the media are pretending otherwise, nobody is actually surprised Kevin McCarthy is a lying smarmy sack of shit who tells fifty impossible lies before breakfast each day. Least of all members of his own caucus.

So who knows? Tucker is mad. Matt Gaetz is mad. Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly wants Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise to SAY SORRY. But a lot of the rest of 'em seem to be circling the weapons for the man Trump used to call "My Kevin," who used to pick the red and pink Starbursts out for Trump, because Trump thought all the other Starbursts were shithole Starbursts.

How this will all play out in the next few months is anyone's fuckin' guess, but if we had to bet right now, we'd say McCarthy might survive just fine.

Of course we'll have to see what else leaks out before this is all over. We can't imagine we've reached the end.

[New York Times / The Hill]

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