MTG Just Wants To Force Everyone To Practice Christianity, Is That So Wrong?

MTG Just Wants To Force Everyone To Practice Christianity, Is That So Wrong?

Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks Christian Nationalism has gotten a bad rap. In a video she posted sometime this week and shared by Right Wing Watch yesterday, Greene shared her thoughts on how "the media" is trying to scare people about Christian Nationalism instead of considering the many potential joys of forcibly converting the entire nation to Christianity.

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Specifically, she believes that establishmentarianism could solve many of the problems everyone recognizes we have, like "school shootings" and "the crime in our streets," as well as stupid and non-existent problems, like "sexual immorality" and whatever else it is she's been on about lately.

"If Christian Nationalism is something to be scared of, they’re lying to you, and they’re lying to you on purpose because that is exactly the temperature change that is happening in America today and they can’t control it. They can't control it and that's what terrifies them the most." Greene said.

And she's not wrong. It is absolutely terrifying that people in office, in the United States of America, are not only embracing an explicitly fascist and oppressive ideology, but one that so directly violates the very first part of the First Amendment of our Constitution — "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

In order to have Christian Nationalism, both of these things would have to be thrown out the window — the country would have to establish Christianity as a national religion and prohibit anyone from exercising other religions. That is what Christian Nationalism is.

According to the Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry, the authors of Taking Back America For God: Christian Nationalism in the United States, the ideology can be summed up by the following six tenets:

  1. The federal government should declare the United States a Christian nation.
  2. The federal government should advocate Christian values.
  3. The federal government should not enforce the strict separation of church and state.
  4. The federal government should allow religious symbols in public spaces.
  5. The success of the United States is part of God's plan.
  6. The federal government should allow prayer in public schools.

Oh boy! Who could possibly be frightened by any of that? I guess it probably sounds like a great time if you're a Christian so insecure in your beliefs that you can't really enjoy your religion unless everyone else is forced to at least pretend to believe it as well, but it's hard to imagine that anyone else would be too keen on it.

Of course, Marge things we are scared of it because “This movement will actually be the movement that stops the school shootings … that stops the crime in our streets … that stops the sexual immorality and teaches children and brings them up in traditional families and loving homes." Because of course Christians never do any mass shootings or crime or sexual immorality. Unless, you know, one considers shooting up mosques or synagogues to be mass shootings or bombing abortion clinics to be a crime or pastors or priests molesting children to be an example of "sexual immorality."

Greene then whined that "the media" is probably going to try to convince us that Christian Nationalists are domestic terrorists, just because of how many Christian Nationalists have done terrorism, and how it would, logistically, be very hard to force people to practice a religion against their will without the use of violent force, but she wants everyone to know that Democrats are the real domestic terrorists. For reasons.

It should be noted that after the clip of Greene trended on social media for several hours, noted extreme racist Nick Fuentes shared his delight on Telegram that Greene was so openly embracing Christian Nationalism, noting that Paul Gosar had done so as well and called on congressional candidate Joe Kent to do so as well, asking "I wonder if Joe Kent will reverse his position on Christian Nationalism now that it has been endorsed by Rep. Greene and Rep. Gosar ... Earlier this year he said explicit Christian rhetoric is 'too divisive.' What seems to be winning these days, Joe Kent's 'inclusive populism,' or our Christian Nationalism?"

Hopefully neither!

All "Oh Marjorie Taylor Greene is ridiculous, no one cares about her! If you stop giving her attention, she'll go away!" nonsense aside, this is actually something we need to take seriously. This is a legitimate effort to rebrand an explicitly fascist, oppressive and terrifying ideology — frankly an anti-American ideology — as something non-threatening, and the more people like MTG are able to spout this shit without any pushback, without anyone saying "This is what Christian Nationalism actually is and it's disgusting" the more comfortable it will be for others to do the same.

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