Fascists Terrorize Kids At Dallas Pride, But Don't Worry It's For Jesus

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We've been talking about how a big part of the fascist Christian right's obsession with accusing everyone else of "grooming" has to do with their desperate and futile obsession with preventing the next generation from becoming LGBTQ. Because they cling to ignorant beliefs like they cling to their guns and their Trump-autographed Bibles, they think if they just keep kids from seeing LGBTQ folks on TV or from reading about LGBTQ characters in books or seeing LGBTQ people in public, then they'll never be exposed to the concept, and therefore will grow up to be mindless mouthbreathing bigots like their parents.

These people are fucking morons. We've been explaining for decades that LGBTQ people simply exist, and that nothing they can do can change that, but they don't believe it. And so they're obsessed with eliminating it. Yes, people should understand that has potentially genocidal implications. We're dealing with white Christian fascists, after all.

Here is Greg Kelly, the beclowned Newsmax host, callingthe cops crimestoppers because he saw a video on the internet of kids in Dallas attending a drag show that's for kids.

Greg says he's calling Dallas police, but as Mediaite explains, and as you can hear in the recording, he's calling the North Texas Crime Commission, which is where you call for crimestoppers.

People can debate whether Kelly's schtick is performance art or he needs therapy or both — those are the only options we're providing — but this is what he's selling to his paste-eating viewers. He's yelling into the crimestoppers voicemail that he saw a "horrible video" online of "dancing transvestites with young children." He explains it "happened in the heart of Dallas," calling it "incredibly inappropriate" and "probably criminal."

Here's what happened.

This weekend, as part of Dallas Pride, a bar called Mr. Misster threw a family-friendly daytime drag show event called "Drag the Kids to Pride." Kids got to dance with the drag queens, and kids got to tip them, because that's what you do at drag shows. There are videos going viral, because some conservative trash showed up to terrorize people, to scream at children, and to call folks "groomers."

One woman who was protesting, Dasy, who didn't want to give her last name, first saw the poster for the event near where she lives. She was at the bar after the event with a "Stop grooming the kids" poster.

"I live in this community," Dasy said. "I have for several years. I don't believe that I should be seeing signs advertising for children to be dancing on stage with men in thongs and in inappropriate clothing and makeup. I do not in any way condone the behavior that these people are engaging in, but what drags me out here is it's kids now."

"Dasy" doesn't approve of drag queens. "Dasy" thinks the very idea that these kids were around drag queens is inappropriate. People like "Dasy" think it's inappropriate for kids to be around gay people. Got it? It doesn't matter how much anybody ever points out that a kid is clearly a hell of a lot more likely to be in danger of being sexually exploited near a Southern Baptist church leader than they are at a drag show. These people think the existence of LGBTQ people is inappropriate. Read their own coverage of this event. They're not hiding it.

And as we said above, they think kids become LGBTQ by being exposed to LGBTQ people. They think they can prevent it. (When the reality is that kids who are already going to grow up LGBTQ are merely less likely to grow up depressed and suicidal if they see early and often that there are people out there just like them and their families support them.)

Do you see the overinflated pig-ignorance we are dealing with here?

In a statement, the bar explained the event and decried the people who showed up "yelling homophobic threats, transphobic remarks and vile accusations at these children and parents." A group of joyless bigots calling itself "Protect Texas Kids" explained that it was protesting because it was a gay bar and they went on the gay bar's website and there was a picture of a fixture inside the bar that said "It's not gonna lick itself." Protect Texas Kids continued:

The mission was to raise awareness that an event like this, a drag show for children, was happening right in Dallas. We also hoped that if we raised awareness, the event might be canceled or modified so that children couldn’t be present.

Again, because a drag show in and of itself is "inappropriate" to these grunting fascists.

Their statement says they're happy because the cops got all the kids out of the drag show. The news says that's absolutely not true, but this is apparently a lie they're intent on telling the press. Rather, according to the Dallas Voice, citing an activist on the scene, the bigots asked the cops to go in the bar and do a "welfare check" on the kids." They did. The cops came back and said, "There are no problems in there." Just a fabulous and fun drag show.

This link has pictures of the protests, if you're interested. Below is a sampling of videos from JoeMyGod. In the first, read the copy to see which usual suspect was sharing these videos and making them go viral. The second video is particularly vile, but do listen to what the man with the megaphone is saying, because it's like the visual aid to everything we've been saying about why these people are obsessed with calling people "groomers."

As Yashar Ali notes, in this next video, you can see how much these garbage people are visibly scaring a child. When that's pointed out, they directly yell at the child.

For a whole lot more on who the people in the videos are, what they said, and so forth, Daily Kos has a great rundown written by David Neiwert, chronicler of extremists. Surprise, it's some of the leading lights of the white supremacist fascist insurgency in these here United States.

And now, some dick GOP state rep in Texas named Bryan Slaton says he's filing a bill to ban people from taking children to drag shows. Yep.

In his statement, he refers to the event as "perverted adults [...] obsessed with sexualizing young children," because he can't imagine that this isn't somehow sexual. He refers to kids "being subjected to drag shows," because nowhere in his pea-sized little man syndrome white boy brain can he imagine that in families that aren't consumed by hate, kids might think fun people in fun costumes lip-synching to fun songs and making funny faces are, you know, fun.

JoeMyGod notes that this guy has also tried to make the death penalty happen for both abortion doctors and patients. He offered an amendment, which was adopted, to Texas's new transgender sports hate bill, that allows for kids in sports to have to endure invasive genital exams.

You know, because he's so concerned about "protect kids."

He's still babbling on Twitter:

Riiiiiiiight, we bet that's exactly how it happened.

So here we are. This is what happened at Dallas Pride this weekend. Or at least part of it. It looks like the rest of the event was a blast.

Fuck these people, and watch out for them. They, the ones yelling "groomer," are the ones who are coming for the children, and they are dangerous.

[WFAA / h/t JoeMyGod]

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