Caitlyn Jenner Says Nice Cars And Jewels All Gone From Beverly Hills Now :(

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Caitlyn Jenner Says Nice Cars And Jewels All Gone From Beverly Hills Now :(

Well, this just sounds like a thing that's real!

Caitlyn Jenner is, we guess, the one trans woman Fox News viewers have decided isn't a groomer, because she is allowed to be a Fox News contributor. She was on Fox News this afternoon talking about [insert who the fuck cares hand motion here] and she made an alarming claim: Beverly Hills is GONE.

Not like burned down in an antifa attack, though they could say that on Fox News and it would become gospel repeated through the armpit farts of all the Gomers of northern Alabama within seconds, and no Fox News viewer would ever bother to fact-check it. (See: 2020 Black Lives Matter protests that definitely leveled Portland and Minneapolis and probably all the other cities, who knows.)

Instead Jenner says that because of the inflation, and because of the crime, everything is now terrible and the "quality of life" has gone to hell in Beverly Hills. She keeps accidentally saying this is happening in San Francisco, as if she can't remember what she's supposed to be saying, but that's no reason to believe it's not true about Beverly Hills.

"It's even reached the wealthy people down here in San Francisco!" she says, laughing about her Beverly Hills story. "I mean, Beverly Hills has turned into Gotham City because of [Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon's] process that he's done."

In what respect, Caitlyn?

"And it's a shame to see! You can't drive a nice car. First of all gas is so expensive out here in California. You can't wear jewelry on Rodeo Drive. You have to dress down!" She repeated that it's "turned into Gotham City."

Now look, we know inflation is hurting some folks, but we are just not sure if we can believe Ms. Jenner when she says Beverly Hills she means San Francisco she means Beverly Hills is literally Gotham City now, where nobody can have a nice car and nobody can afford the gas and nobody can put on some shiny baubles and go dancing. We just feel like we'd have heard something about that.

But hey, she appears to have no clue people are making fun of her, or that Baragona from the Daily Beast might have been tweeting that out to show everybody yet another full-of-shit Fox News moment, because she retweeted his tweet.

Our point is that we're not seeing a lot of evidence of Ms. Jenner's general awareness, of the world around her or otherwise, at least not right here today.

Oh well, goodbye!


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