Fox News Not Showing January 6 Hearings. Here's Laura Ingraham To Blurt Out Why!

We doubt anybody was particularly surprised Fox News has chosen to be the only network in existence not to show the January 6 hearings, which begin in primetime this Thursday. (Join us, we will be liveblogging!) That's Tucker's time, to do auditions for Russian state TV and say Great Replacement theories. They've decided to put it on Fox Business instead, the thing people aren't watching when they're watching Tucker flick his tongue around Vladimir Putin's giggle regions.

Oh yes, and Tucker spends a lot of time defending the January 6 terrorists. We almost forgot. That's what comes on when Thursday's primetime coverage of the hearings starts.

Everybody else is showing it, pretty much, the news networks and the main big networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS. Because when the hearings about how the former president ordered an attack on the United States come on, and the congressional committee doing the investigation is getting ready to provide damning evidence of how deep and how seditious the conspiracy to plan that attack really was, you put it on the TV.

The Wrap explains that Fox News will also, at 11 p.m. Eastern, pre-empt "Gutfeld!" so it can air a two-hour reaction special, to the thing the network just refused to air. This, we assume, is so pundits can scream "Pshaw!" and "It was rigged!" and "WHAT ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN!"

Fox News scoffing lady Laura Ingraham said the quiet part loud last night, or however you want to describe what she did, explaining why exactly Fox News would not be showing the hearings on the terrorism Donald Trump ordered and that Tucker Carlson regularly lies about.

Like DURRRRRRRRR, she essentially said, affecting that eye-rolling "I used to date Dinesh D'Souza on purpose, you just hate me 'cause you ain't me" attitude she always does, like she's better than you. Fox News viewers don't want to watch this thing we've brainwashed them into believing all kinds of lies about. We've trained them that well.

Those weren't her exact words, obviously:

INGRAHAM: They're all upset that Fox isn't covering it live. We actually do something called, you know, cater to our audience, our audience knows what this is ...

If you were wanting a Fox News host to mount a rousing defense of how they DO TOO do responsible journalism, showing the American people what they need to know instead of just doing whatever will activate the hate-pleasure sensors in their viewers' dog brains over and over and over, then you are out of luck. Laura Ingraham did not do that last night, and she will not do it tonight, because Fox News only exists to mash its viewers' dog-brain hate buttons.

And if that involves lying to their viewers, night after night after night after night, well then they're just "catering" to their audience.

It was weird how she kind of stopped herself before settling on the word "cater." Wonder what other verbs came to mind before she settled on that one.

Oh well, guess that's just between her and her God.

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