Is Steve Scalise As Weapons-Grade Stupid As Lauren Boebert, Or Just Pretending To Be?

Ought we yell at GOP Rep. Steve Scalise some more? We reckon we ought.

Because while families of Uvalde mass shooting victims were testifying in the House, and while witnesses in that hearing invited by the Republicans testified on behalf of the guns, Scalise -- a mass shooting victim who's still inexplicably a fully-owned subsidiary of Big Gun -- was in front of a camera telling lies that only America's stupidest, most ignorant could possibly believe. (We'll have more on that House hearing tomorrow, by the way!)

Oh for fucks sake, we are not even transcribing that. When your political talking points are as half-witted as Lauren Boebert's, you're on a whole new level, buddy.

"When 9/11 happened, we didn't ban planes. We secured cockpits," said Boebert recently, even though she, as a person born in 1986, is old enough to remember that we did a hell of a fucking lot more than that after 9/11 to protect air travel. One might say we regulated the everloving fucking shit out of it. We could call it flight control, if it would help these morons understand better.

We are of course open to believing that Boebert as a teenager, when 9/11 happened, was even more clueless than she is now. Maybe she had no idea. What's Steve Scalise's excuse?

Lucky for us, Forbes already prepared the rebuttal to this, back when Boebert opened her mouth and pressed the "eject bullshit" button on her mouth, and it's the exact same rebuttal Scalise needs to hear. They discuss the massive investigations and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. And then:

What followed was a complete overhaul of aviation security in no time flat. β€œAt the time, airport security was largely an outsourced function,” says [former Pentagon official Bryan Del Monte, now the president of the Aviation Agency, which is a marketing firm].

All those rules and regulations, all the X-ray vision they scan you with in the security line at the airport, we didn't have that before 9/11. We didn't have the TSA before 9/11. President George W. Bush signed the Aviation and Transportation Security Administration Act, and that was what created it.

Hey Lauren Boebert, hey Steve Scalise! You know in olden timey movies where couples would love-bone all over each other right there at the gate to the airplane as they said goodbye? That used to be real life! You know, before they regulated the shit out of air travel, after 9/11. People used to meet their arrivals, at the gate!

And nobody was fucking stupid enough to say that those regulations were tantamount to banning flying for responsible air travelers.

And they're still regulating shit, as they deem necessary. The three-ounce plastic bottles in the clear bags? A newer regulation. Taking your laptop or tablet out of your carry-on and scanning it separately? An even newer regulation!

Forbes notes dryly that the TSA's number one goal is to keep weapons and/or bombs off of planes, and also notes dryly that you couldn't carry your redneck penis substitute in its holster on a plane even before 9/11.

Steve Scalise wasn't done pressing the "eject bullshit" button on his own stupid mouth:

How many school prayers does it take to bring a murdered 4th grader back to life?

Sorry, what we mean to say is go fuck yourself, asshole.


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