Mike Pence Can’t Recall Any Presidents Who Lied As Much As Joe Biden. Really.

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Mike Pence Can’t Recall Any Presidents Who Lied As Much As Joe Biden. Really.

Larry Kudlow was Donald Trump’s consistently wrong, non-economist economics adviser. During the height of the pandemic, he raved about the state of economy: "I don't think the economy is going south. I think it's going north," he told CNN’s Jake Tapper in July 2020 when the unemployment rate was 10 percent.

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Kudlow now hosts his own show on the Fox Business Network. His guest Monday was former Vice President Mike Pence. While bashing Joe Biden’s supposed “America Last” agenda, Kudlow said something he didn’t understand — no, not the economy — was why Biden wouldn’t take the blame for how rotten everything is now.

KUDLOW: Inflation is Vladimir Putin’s problem. Inflation is COVID’s problem. Inflation lately is the oil companies’ problem. He makes these statements that the Trump/Pence tax cuts caused massive budget deficits, when in fact the revenues came pouring in, paid for themselves, economic success was unmistakable ...

Biden has offered reasonable explanations for current economic conditions. That doesn’t mean he’s refused to fix them. However, he didn’t directly cause inflation. That’s reality. The Trump/Pence tax cuts did not pay for themselves and did in fact result in massive budget deficits. This was documented pre-pandemic and when Trump was still in office.

Here’s some more bullshit:

As Kudlow rambled on, Pence just shook his head as if deeply disappointed in Biden.

KUDLOW: Have you ever seen a president who refuses to accept blame, and I want to add to that, commits so many falsehoods? I’m being very polite here, calling it falsehoods — falsehoods, you know, on any given day. He’s out there saying stuff that just ain’t true. Have you ever seen anything like that?

Uh, yeah, we think he has. Both Pence and Kudlow served in the most corrupt administration since the prior Republican one. Donald Trump never accepted responsibility for anything.


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Trump also lied constantly. Every day was another huge, credulity-bursting whopper. According to the Washington Post, Trump made at least 30,573 false or misleading claims during his four years in office, but if you asked him, he’d probably just say, “There is no Washington Post.”

Trump lied repeatedly about COVID-19 and the threat it posed. Yet his biggest, most democracy-shredding lie of 2020 involved the presidential election, which he claimed was “stolen” from him when he damn well knew it wasn’t. He lied to his supporters on January 6 and insisted that Pence could overturn the results. This lie could’ve gotten Pence killed, but Trump didn’t care.

Trump’s lies inspired a mob to erect a makeshift gallows outside the Capitol and chant “Hang Mike Pence!” but Pence insists that Biden’s lying pants burn the brightest.

PENCE: Never in my lifetime ... I said today that there has never been a time in my life where a president was more disconnected from the American people than we see today.

Pence’s former boss either lied about losing the 2020 election or genuinely believed thousands of dead people voted illegally in Pennsylvania. That’s considerably disconnected from the observable reality the majority of Americans experience.

Mike Pence will go to his grave defending Donald Trump, who almost sent him there prematurely.

He is truly pathetic.


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