Maria Bartiromo Asks Dr. Oz To Confirm Her Joe Biden Dementia Diagnosis

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Maria Bartiromo Asks Dr. Oz To Confirm Her Joe Biden Dementia Diagnosis

Hey, it’s time for Joe Biden’s presidential mental health check! This is a public service Fox News host Maria Bartiromo performs whether old Joe wants it or not. The last one was in February, and Senator Roger Marshall, who’s also a doctor, gave his unbiased medical opinion of a man he’s never examined or possibly even met. He somberly diagnosed Biden with advanced brain stupids and claimed there was a clear “deterioration in his mental capacity."

PREVIOUSLY: Sen. Roger Marshall Hasn’t Examined Biden Or Anything But Pretty Sure He’s Senile Old Coot

Tuesday, Bartiromo had another impromptu consultation, this time with Pennsylvania GOP Senate nominee Mehmet Oz (R - New Jersey), who people call doctor because they’re being polite.

BARTIROMO: Let’s take a look at all of these gaffes that we are watching on display every day from this president. You’re a doctor, does he have dementia? Is this a national security issue?

Frequent “gaffes" do not equal dementia, as former Vice President Dan Quayle would confirm. Dr. Oz is a retired cardiac surgeon and snake oil pitchman. He’s not qualified to make any major determinations about Biden’s mental health. However, Dr. Oz actually demonstrated something close to medical ethics and refused to speculate.

OZ: Part of the hippocratic oath is you don’t doctor on people who don’t want your help. I’m not taking care of him. I can’t speak to that issue.

Dr. Oz stressed that he doesn’t like the decisions Biden’s currently making. He’s not senile. He’s just a socialist. Dr. Oz lamented that Biden isn’t governing from the middle, like he promised, but he’s folded to the radical Left. Maybe Dr. Oz should take a cognitive test. After all, Biden hasn’t passed anything without the approval of conservative Democrats Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Republicans often suggest that Bernie Sanders is the most influential member of the Democratic caucus. This is fundamentally untrue. Dr. Oz argued that his opponent, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, is also part of the all-powerful Sanders wing of the party.

OZ: What I’m witnessing, for example, with John Fetterman, my opponent, is that he’s way to the far-Left. He’s a Bernie Sanders liberal and he doesn’t think that Biden’s doing enough. So that’s the kind of pressure Biden’s collapsing in front of.

Fetterman is running as a reliable Biden vote in the Senate. He’s not put any pressure on Biden to advance any marquee Sanders positions. Of course, facts rarely get in the way of GOP statements. Republicans have blamed high gas prices on the Green New Deal, which Biden doesn’t support. It also doesn’t exist as law. An ambitious climate proposal doesn’t actually raise gas prices.

Dr. Oz boasted that a lot of conservative Democrats in Pennsylvania don’t like what the “far Left” is doing and will vote Republican, even if it’s for a quack like him or a fascist like gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. Fetterman, unlike Dr. Oz, has lived in Pennsylvania for a while and held statewide office. It’s a big stretch to claim that the sitting lieutenant governor is an out-of-step radical.

Now Dr. Oz is making a pitch for Democrats and independents, so he’s softened his rhetoric. He’s the Dr. Oz from Oprah Winfrey’s show, not the GOP primary candidate who openly raised concerns about Biden’s mental health. Back in April, he told Sean Hannity, “President Biden had a physical last November, Dr. O'Connor did not conduct this test or any other cognitive test that we're aware of, and yet as you point out, half of the American public suspect that he's mentally unfit. How do you explain the forgetfulness? The outbursts? The handshakes into the air or the 'guys that are the kleptocracies.' By the way, it's a pretty brave move to put kleptocracy in the prompter. But these are realities of just observing what is going on that we have to at least address by asking for there to be some cognitive test. Most Americans desire that.”

Don’t let the kinder, gentler post-primary Dr. Oz fool you. He’s still a ghoul about this issue, just like Bartiromo.


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