Tim Scott Has No Time For Black Women Testifying Trump Sent Lynch Mob After Them

January 6
Tim Scott Has No Time For Black Women Testifying Trump Sent Lynch Mob After Them

Shaye Moss, a true profile in courage, is the Fulton County, Georgia, elections worker whose life Rudy Giuliani callously endangered with his slander. He publicly accused Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, of election fraud and deliberately rigging the outcome for Joe Biden, who objectively won the most votes.

Moss had to go into hiding from Donald Trump’s thuggish supporters. Anyone with a human soul would’ve been gutted by her story, but Senator Tim Scott had his soul surgically removed decades ago. And if there was any chance that the gaping hole that remains might still respond to what Moss and Freeman experienced, he simply ignored the whole proceedings.

Last night on Fox News, Bret Baier asked the junior senator from South Carolina, “Have you learned anything new, is [the January 6 hearing] troubling, and can you support Trump if he runs for president?” His response was shameful, even for Scott’s established record of shamelessness.

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SCOTT: I have not taken the time to watch the hearings. I feel like the best use of my time is fighting the inflationary effects and looking for ways to push back for the American consumer. I spent my time talking about the gas prices and ways that we can reduce it.

Oh, sorry, we didn’t know Scott was busy drafting the Gas Is Now Magically $1 A Gallon Again Like In The ‘90s bill. Normally, this should take precedence over anything else, but we are talking about an attempted coup whose ringleaders are still at large. Scott should try to fit that into his schedule. We know it’s the summer and all, but Scott could skip that second viewing of Top Gun: Maverick and watch the damn January 6 hearings.

However, Scott insists he doesn’t need to see anything more about January 6, he's already lived it.

SCOTT: I was actually in the Senate when it happened. I don’t need an education on what actually happened.

Scott was presumably running for his life from an unhinged mob. That doesn’t make him an objective observer. He also should at least understand the events that led to the attack. This was a criminal conspiracy to overturn a free and fair election.

SCOTT: I do think what we’re seeing is made for TV. What we haven’t seen is any cross-examination. So, we’re having people lay out stories without having the cross-examination.

Cross-examine this, asshole.

Or this:

Even the legal counsel for the scuzziest defendant on "Law & Order” would watch this and say, “I got nothing.”

Scott’s “made-for-TV January 6 episode” dig is especially cynical and odious. He’s framing Moss and Freeman’s very real pain and suffering, for which Trump and Giuliani are wholly responsible, as a performance worthy of Elizabeth Olsen. Fuck him.

I’ve seen it argued that Scott, who’s Black, should care at least a little about these brave Black women who were the victims of Trump’s illegal power grab. But Scott’s a Republican. He only cares about maintaining his proximity to power, and Shaye and Lady Ruby have none. They only have honor and decency.

It’s depressing but hardly a surprise that Scott said he’d support Trump in 2024. Even January 6 witness Rusty Bowers confirmed he’d vote for Trump again if "he is the nominee, if he was up against Biden.” Sometimes gas prices are so high and the threat of socialism so damn non-existent that you have no choice but to back the guy who swung a sledgehammer at our democracy.

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