Eric Greitens Can't Believe Y'all So Sensitive About A Little Death Threat Joke

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Eric Greitens Can't Believe Y'all So Sensitive About A Little Death Threat Joke

Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens, who’s credibly accused of physically abusing his ex-wife and their children, released a violent campaign ad this week that depicted him hunting down his political enemies. He was obviously joking, of course, because that’s just the style of humor you’d expect from someone who was also credibly accused of violent sexual assault and blackmail.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

“I don’t think there is a real person in Missouri who thinks about it literally. Not one,” Greitens said in an interview on KFTK (97.1 FM) radio. “What you’re seeing is a tremendous amount of faux outrage from leftists and RINOs.”

According to Capitol Police, death threats to members of Congress doubled last year after the January 6 insurrection. GOP Rep. Fred Upton received more than 1,000 calls, including death threats, when seditionist Marjorie Taylor Greene labeled him a “RINO” because he voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Political violence is not a laughing matter. Also, jokes have punchlines. Greitens's ad was like Travis Bickle talking to his reflection in Taxi Driver.

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Republicans, who are moral cowards, have not collectively condemned the former Missouri governor, who’s still the frontrunner for the GOP primary nomination. However, Missouri native and hell resident Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum PAC [really, promise, not RINOs] denounced the video as “deeply disturbing.”

“Advocating violence is a disqualifier for public office,” said chairwoman Anne Schlafly Cori. “Eric Greitens is not fit to serve the voters of Missouri.”

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who’s no longer a Republican even in name, labeled the ad straight-up “fascism,” which is rarely funny — not even by Dave Chappelle’s recent standards.

SCARBOROUGH: I tried to bring this up, and there were a couple people being polite yesterday going, “Well, you know, maybe we shouldn’t call it fascism. I don’t know whether it is fascism." It’s fascism! This is using violence and violent imagery to basically tell people, "Vote for me. A civil war is coming” ... It’s where the Republican Party is right now. Every Republican needs to call this out unless they want fascism to continue to rise in their party.”

Now Greitens wants to “debate” his grotesque, attention-grabbing stunt with Scarborough and his partner Mika Brzezinski, whom the MAGA cult considers “RINOs.” I don’t think the “Morning Joe” producers are in a rush to book guests who've threatened to kill the hosts.

Here's what Greitens said during his appearance on living Dorian Gray portrait Steve Bannon’s show:

The reason they engage in name-calling against me, the reason why they engage in name-calling against President Trump, the reason they engage in name-calling against all the true “America First” candidates and all the true MAGA leaders is they can’t actually debate on the issues.

This motherfucker literally dropped a campaign ad where he hunts his political opponents for sport. He repeatedly dismisses his enemies as “RINOs,” which counts as name-calling. The gaslight is so blinding that we’re supposed to think his ad was the first volley in a Lincoln/Douglas-style debate.

Calling out the modern GOP’s embrace of fascism isn’t name-calling. It’s specifically confronting the most serious issue facing the nation.

Aside from Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who’s leaving Congress this year, no elected Republican dares condemn the latest example of fascism’s rise. Notably, the soon-to-be senior senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, has previously denounced Greiten’s alleged domestic violence but not his political violence. Last month, he claimed Joe Biden had somehow “encouraged” violence against Supreme Court justices and should be held responsible. Now, he remains silent while Greitens moves ever closer to the Senate.

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