Donald Trump Destroys People's Lives

One of the main themes of yesterday's House January 6 Select Committee hearing — aside from how it proved again and again that Donald Trump led a criminal enterprise to overthrow the American government — is how Trump's actions in his scheme repeatedly destroyed real people's lives.

The names on everybody's minds today are that of Wandrea' Arshaye "Shaye" Moss and her mother Ruby "Lady Ruby" Freeman, election workers who just did their jobs, but who became slander targets for Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Among Giuliani's lies were that Moss and Freeman were inserting fake ballots from secret suitcases, and that there was video of Moss and her mother somehow surreptitiously passing a USB drive to one another. (Moss testified that it was a "ginger mint.") Trump, fucking white supremacist trash racist that he is, said on his Perfect Call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that Freeman was a "professional vote scammer" and a "hustler." He said she "stuffed the ballot boxes."

Shaye Moss had that job because her grandmother instilled in her the importance of voting, and she loved being able to help other people participate in democracy. She and her mom were subject to death threats and racist hate messages, and she and her mom had to go into hiding. They called her mom and screamed racist things at her at all hours and banged on her door at night. The garbage humans who follow Trump showed up at Moss's grandmother's house to do a "citizen's arrest," and Moss testified that she had to tell her to stay inside for her own safety, and that this was heartbreaking because her grandmother is a person “who likes to get her steps in walking around the neighborhood."

You know, like lots of older grandmas and moms do.

Donald Trump ruined their lives, because of his teeny weeny loser ego. He's ruined many election workers' lives. Because the particular brand of evil that is Trump, Giuliani, and that fucking national joke Eastman cannot survive when there are good people like Moss and Freeman standing in the way. As we said in yesterday's liveblog:

The white supremacist fascism of Trump, Giuliani and Eastman doesn't work with good people standing in the way. Gotta remove them. That's what all this is about, to intimidate all the good Americans defending our system into leaving, so they can be replaced with feral trash willing to steal the country for the white supremacist fascists.

Moss and Freeman weren't the only ones, though. GOP Arizona state House Speaker Rusty Bowers testified that his family was threatened by the rabid MAGA trash horde while his own daughter was terminally ill. The families of Brad Raffensperger and Gabriel Sterling have been tormented and threatened.

This is what these people do, and perhaps we need to get coordinated to better help people whose lives are ruined by Trump and his MAGA garbage, though that might be a task more Herculean than any of us really imagine. It'd be better to just put all the motherfuckers in jail.

But for now, it appears there are legitimate GoFundMes out there for Moss and Freeman, started at the end of last year. It doesn't make it right, but it's something. So if you feel led, those exist.

The January 6 committee has announced its investigation is expanding. There are more subpoenas, there is more evidence, and there will be more hearings in July. How many more ruined lives will we learn about before this is all over?

Well that's a chipper note to end the day on so close your eyes and think of bunnies, and now it is OPEN THREAD.

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