Garbage Texas AG Might Bag Him A Sodomite Before This Is All Over

As Hillary Clinton was saying: When Clarence Thomas writes in a Supreme Court concurrence, while rubbing his old-ass hands together, that maybe it's time to look at criminalizing sodomy and contraception and gay marriage, that's a signal to the pigs out there in the states that says, "Try it. There's a whole stable full of robe-wearing theocratic human garbage in Washington ready and willing, as soon as you bring us the right case."

Garbage Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton played coy about it when asked, by which we mean he didn't get an erection and start oinking, at least not out loud. It's just that Texas has this old sodomy law on the books, and it's his job (not his job, unless you are a truly unimaginative loser) to follow state law, so shruggie emoticon.

He was on some show called "On Balance With Leland Vittert" and the man we presume to be "Leland Vittert" in the flesh said:

"I'm sure you read Justice Thomas's concurrence where he said there were a number of other of these issues, Griswold, Lawrence and Obergefell he felt needs to be looked at again," Vittert told Paxton. "Obviously the Lawrence case came from Texas... would you as attorney general be comfortable defending a law that once again outlawed sodomy? That questioned Lawrence again or Griswold or gay marriage? That came from the state legislature to put to the test what Justice Thomas said?"

And Paxton started hemming and hawing and grunting and crossing and recrossing his legs to try to conceal that little piggy erection:

"Yeah, I mean there's all kinds of issues here, but certainly the Supreme Court has stepped into issues that I don't think there's any constitutional provision dealing with," Paxton responded. "They were legislative issues and this is one of those issues and there may be more. So it would depend on the issue and dependent on what state law had said at the time."

Trash. Just unmitigated human trash. Not even capable of saying, "You know, Leland Vittert, as an emotionally, mentally and sexually well-adjusted adult, I don't think the attorney general's time is well spent prosecuting what consenting adults do in bed." Nah, that would be too normal.

There's video:

Mister Leland Vittert, son of people whose names were also Vittert, brother of a person named Liberty Vittert, clarified that he understood exactly what this professional cum-sock was saying:

"For the sake of time here, you wouldn't rule out that if the state legislature passed the same law that Lawrence overturned on sodomy, you wouldn't have any problem then defending that and taking that case back to the Supreme Court?"

Paxton responded: "Yeah, look my job is to defend state law and I'll continue to do that. That is my job under the Constitution and I'm certainly willing and able to do that."

He's certainly willing and able to use whatever unresolved psychosexual issues all conservative Christian white men seem to have to barge into gay people's bedrooms at night and come down on them with some old-fashioned Texas justice.

Asked if he would support the Texas Legislature testing the law, Paxton demurred. "I'd have to take a look at it," the attorney general said. "This is all new territory for us so I'd have to how the Legislature was laid out and whether we thought we could defend it. Ultimately, if it's constitutional, we're going to go defend it."

Jesus, what a piece of dogshit.

The Houston Chronicle notes that Paxton's opponent, a Democrat named Rochelle Garza, responded to this like HOLY SHIT, VOTERS, DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE JUST SAID? I HEARD IT. DID YOU HEAR IT?

Yes, Texas, you do have a choice to make. You can have that dude up there oinking and snorting his way into your bedroom at night with a fascist Christian boner, or you can have a normal person be your AG.

Up to you (and also Texas voter suppression laws, so you really gotta work 10 times as hard).

Did we mention Paxton also wants to fine companies that pay for out-of-state abortion expenses for their employees? That was also reported by Leland Vittert, the certified winner of a good hair award:

Oink, oink, oink.

[Houston Chronicle]

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