Ready to fuck some people up.

Lately during public hearings of the House January 6 Select Committee, Liz Cheney takes time to very personally put former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone on blast over his refusal to testify publicly. At the end of last Thursday's hearing, Cheney said, "Our evidence shows that Pat Cipollone and his office tried to do what was right. They tried to stop a number of President Trump’s plans for Jan. 6." So come on over here, Pat, and let Liz Cheney put a gold star on your Trapper Keeper!

After Cheney said that, sources started telling journalists that Cip was already being really very cooperative, but blah blah blah "serious institutional concerns and privilege issues" blah blah blah. Fuck off.

Dude knows everything, and Cheney knows it, and everybody else knows it.

We know Cipollone threatened to resignmultiple times over Trump's coup attempts, and that he called the letters former DOJ douche Jeffrey Clark wanted to send to the states instructing them how to toss out their election results a "murder-suicide pact."

According to Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony, on the morning of January 6, Cipollone was freaking the fuck out trying to make sure nobody would take President Ketchup Smears to the Capitol, because they would get "charged with every crime imaginable" if he went there. He said "please keep in touch with me." From the same testimony, we know Mark Meadows reportedly told Cip during the riot that Trump believed Mike Pence deserved whatever was happening to him in the Capitol that day.

During yesterday's hearing, Liz Cheney asked Hutchinson if the White House Counsel's Office was concerned about the things Donald Trump planned to say in his speech to the buck-toothed hordes that day, the hordes we now know Trump was well-fucking-aware were armed to the teeth. (He knew they weren't there to hurt him.) Yes, the White House Counsel's Office did have concerns about that!

He knows everything. As Charlie Sykes wrote this morning, if "Hutchinson’s testimony wasn’t the John Dean moment, she made it clear that the testimony of the former White House counsel just might be."

And today Cheney is reiterating her calls for Cipollone to GET IN A CHAIR FUCKER NOW FUCKING NOW OH MY GOD JESUS FUCK.

Come on, Pat. You scared of Liz Cheney, Pat? Where the fuck are you, Pat? Liz Cheney doesn't bite haha yes she does, GET OVER HERE AND GET BIT, PAT.

Looks like the Committee's gonna subpoena him anyway, so.

Cipollone's name came up a bunch of times during Hutchinson's testimony, on top of what we already mentioned. For instance, she said he told her on January 3 that "This would be legally a terrible idea for us, we have serious legal concerns if we go up to the Capitol that day." You know, because Mark Meadows and others were already talking on the 3rd about Trump maybe going to the Capitol on the 6th.

And then there were these colorful details, of what Cip was doing as Trump's terrorists raged:

Back at the White House, Hutchinson said she saw Cipollone “barreling down the hallway” looking for her boss, Meadows. She overheard the conversation: “I remember Pat saying to him, something to the effect of, ‘The rioters have gotten into the Capitol, Mark, we need to go down and see the president now.’ And Mark looked up [from his phone] and said ‘He doesn’t want to do anything, Pat.’”

She said Cipollone continued to pressure Meadows to convince Trump to call off the rioters: “Something needs to be done, or people are going to die, and blood is going to be on your f---ing hands. This is getting out of control.” They both marched out of the office, down to the dining room where Trump was, she testified.

But Trump didn't want to call them off. He didn't think they were doing anything wrong.

Yeah, we are pretty sure Pat Cipollone needs to raise his right hand and say all this on TV to the American people. Likewise, if that one Secret Service douche Tony Ornato, who loved Trump so much he accepted a deputy chief of staff position, wants to call Cassidy Hutchinson a liar over the story of Trump lunging and trying to drive the limo to the Capitol from the backseat, he needs to raise his own right hand. (Click here for some more background/reminders on who Ornato is and how he helped put together Trump's fascist Bible photo-op at Lafayette Square. Also this. Hutchinson doesn't seem to be the one with the credibility problems here.)

Come on, losers. Asses in chairs. Do it for America because you're scared of Liz Cheney.

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