Jesse Watters Just Asking Who Will Turn Letters On 'Wheel Of Fortune' If All The Women Go On Strike

Who ever knows what imaginary news the rubes are bitching about on "The Five"? The last time we visited with them they were whining about imaginary late night shipments of illegal immigrants to the Westchester airport north of New York. Yep, that's how easily led and racist they are.

And now Jesse Watters is holding his thumb and forefinger just so, angrily jerking himself off over certain woman members of Congress suggesting maybe all the women should go on strike after Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett decided to have a judicial circle jerk all over freedom and bodily autonomy when they overturned Roe.

But because it's Jesse Watters, a man who by his own accounting tricked his now-wife into getting into his car by letting the air our of her tires, it has to be laced with incel-style contempt disguised as funny good time sexism jokes about all the things that won't get done if women go on strike.

JESSE WATTERS: I want to talk about what the Squad said that there's — there's going to be a woman's strike?

DANA PERINO: Yeah, are you worried about that?

WATTERS: I'm a little worried about that. I'm watching Wheel of Fortune. Who's going to turn over the letters?

Ha ha, what do ladies do? They turn over the letters on "Wheel Of Fortune"!

BRIAN KILMEADE: Good point. That's an excellent point.

Brian Kilmeade is also a feral hog who enjoys these jokes.

WATTERS: Is Pat going to have to walk over and turn over —

Because Pat Sajak has spent his life doing such crucial work otherwise.

At that point, though, Judge Boxwine offered to turn over the letters. That would be an interesting "Wheel Of Fortune," and by interesting we mean drunk.

For a moment Watters seemed like he appreciated the existence of women, one of whom runs the shitty television show he's on, suggesting that if their executive producer didn't come to work, their ratings would tank. Then it got weird.

WATTERS: Think about the repercussions here, Brian. Our EP at "The Five" is a woman. She's not going to show up to work? We're left to our own devices? We're going to go from first to the fifth, like that. The FBI agents that are women, how are they going to infiltrate Jane's Revenge?

If you are not aware, "Jane's Revenge" is the very possibly imaginary pro-abortion terrorist group that recently did, um, nothing as far as any honest person can tell. It's probably a hoax, just like everything else these dumbfucks on Fox News believe in, like their hallucinations about Antifa hordes literally burning down cities.

Then Jesse reverted to form and started talking about women as just people who nag him at home. We're guessing he's talking about the woman he said he lured into his car:

WATTERS: Is this going to happen at home, too? Who's going to mess with the thermostat? Who's going to tell me that my clothes clash before I leave? Are they not going to do everything, Brian? I think we're underestimating how serious this is. They have us right where they want us. It's like kryptonite.

Uh huh.

The clip above is worth watching in its entirety, just to see how little these grundle stains actually think of the American people, especially women. Kilmeade and the others mock the media and Democrats for having absolute meltdowns over the Christian fascist confiscation of people's bodily autonomy. They sneeringly play a clip of comedian Wanda Sykes correctly noting that America isn't a democracy, and that flyover rubes, who constitute a minority in this country, are being allowed to dictate life for the blue majority, which for the record pays for the continued existence of the flyover rube states.

Oh, but Jesse Watters doesn't think that's true. He thinks "everything works in this country" because of the flyover rubes.

LOL, sure buddy. Maybe if they weren't wasting their lives watching "The Five" on weekday afternoons with their thumbs up their asses.

[Media Matters]

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