IN RE Mitch McConnell's Response To Joe Biden's Undignified Comments About Piece Of Sh*t Supreme Court

Y'all. Hey. Hey y'all. Y'all hey.

Mitch McConnell said Joe Biden is being very bad at "dignity."


That's the joke, the end, good blog post, us!

So anyway, McConnell is just real upset about the way Biden talked about the Supreme Court this morning in Madrid. We guess he's mad Biden referred to the "outrageous behavior" of the Supreme Court, as if to suggest the partisan hacks McConnell and Donald Trump put on the Court without America's consent are filthy disgusting unwashed toddlers and not distinguished jurists. That's what happens when you put partisan hacks who act like filthy disgusting unwashed toddlers — misogynistic ones! — onto the Court, instead of distinguished jurists.

Yes, Mitch McConnell is complaining about this, the guy who has singlehandedly done more diarrhea all over the legitimacy of the Court than any living human, starting when he stole a Supreme Court nomination from Barack Obama in order to wait almost a whole year see if that Russian attack on the 2016 election for Trump's benefit would pay off for the GOP.

Oh, would McConnell deny that was the true motivation in his heart? That is between him and Satan, and we can all look at McConnell's behavior throughout the year of our Lord 2016 — especially when the Obama administration begged him to join with them in condemning Russia's assault on our country and he wouldn't do it — and judge for ourselves what we think was really going on. (Remember how MAAAAAAD he got when the whole country started calling him "Moscow Mitch"?)

And look, it worked! Mitch McConnell stole a Supreme Court seat and gave it to yet another Republican president who couldn't win the popular vote if his unpopular sad life depended on it!

Then in 2020, just to make sure he had fully skullfucked the legitimacy (and dignity!) of the Court to death, he went ahead and got a vile, unqualified trash human named Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat, oh my God, after people had already started voting in that year's election.

And the Russian attack didn't work in that election, so WHEW. Close one, Mitch! We just had to endure the dignity in between like with the pussy grabbing and the ketchup throwing and the golden toilet for his Big Mac dumps, just all the dignity in the world on that one, must have been why Mitch McConnell refused to impeach him after he very dignifiedly led an actual coup on actual Mitch McConnell.

In between, he made sure to get Justice CrediblyAccused von SexualPredator confirmed, to sit on a toadstool in front of that unfuckable fascist airhead Alito and the one who talks about the pubes and has the sedition wife, so that in just one week of just one term they could take away rights from: women, children getting murdered in schools, Native American tribal sovereignty, "the literal earth," and Miranda rights, and they promised next term they'd come for "one person one vote" when they said they'd take up whether state legislatures can just say fuck it and pick anyone they want to be president.

Yeah, tell us about "dignity" and "Supreme Court," Mitch, please, LOL.

OK, Mitch McConnell, go eat family-sized Kentucky fried buckets of dicks in hell, you trifling piece of un-American shit, please and thank you.

Oh are we not being "dignity"? We said "please and thank you" like the southern gentleman we are, not sure what else you want from us.


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