Happy Independence Day: Fetterman Drags Dr. Oz For Living In King George's Old Digs (In New Jersey)

Happy Independence Day: Fetterman Drags Dr. Oz For Living In King George's Old Digs (In New Jersey)

Jonathan Groff as King George in Hamilton

It's a weird Independence Day this year — it certainly feels at least a little awkward to eat hot dogs and watch fireworks in order to celebrate our "freedom" from a country where everyone still has their reproductive rights. That being said, hot dogs are excellent condiment delivery systems and everyone loves a day off from work (shhh! I am technically not here!).

It is perhaps in the spirit of this holiday that Democratic Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman tweeted out his latest campaign ad against Dr. Oz, the Republican Pennsylvania senate, a man who previously spent his life much of his life shilling magic beans made of lies. It's an especially festive ad, given that it features Dr. Oz giving People magazine a tour of his $48 million palatial residence in New Jersey, which once belonged to King George, set to the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" theme.

"If you’re OK with a celebrity TV doctor who ISN’T FROM PA and has a house that used to belong to King George… I am, uh, not your candidate," Fetterman wrote in the Tweet, which has since been shared over 5,000 times on Twitter.

You may remember King George III from that time we fought a certain war against him? Also from his star turn in the Broadway musical Hamilton.

You'll Be Back - Jonathan Groff - Hamilton Musicalwww.youtube.com

The video contrasts the tour, Oz's nine palatial estates and his celebutante behavior with the fact that many Pennsylvanians cannot afford to go on vacation this summer. It does note, graciously, that Oz did finally buy a house in Pennsylvania — although it seems unlikely that he has spent much time there given that he failed to correctly spell the name of the town he is now pretending to live in on his statement of candidacy.

Fetterman currently leads the race comfortably with a 6-9 point lead, depending on which polls you look at, and has a much higher favorability rating (46 positive, 36 negative) than Oz (30 positive, 63 negative), so that's nice, and will hopefully also help out Josh Shapiro, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor whose lead is a little less secure. Oz has been trying to distance himself from Trump in recent weeks and despite the endorsement has not especially popular among Trumpists, who don't like the fact that he is a dual citizen in Turkey, a Muslim and used to hang out with Oprah, who they believe eats babies.

He has also been seen hanging out with Marina Abramovic, the performance artist right-wing conspiracy theorists think is in charge of all of the baby eating or whatever, because of how they don't know what performance art is. These photos are probably a good thing to share with your wacky relatives in Pennsylvania who might want to stay home in November for fear of contributing to any baby eating.

Anyway — we are off today, so have an OPEN THREAD!

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