Squirrels In Marjorie Taylor Greene's Brain Know What Caused Highland Park Mass Shooting. No, Not Guns.

If it's a day in America, chances are it's the day after a grotesque mass shooting, or the day before one, or the day of one. This time it was in Highland Park, Illinois, outside of Chicago, where a gunman fired into the 4th of July parade and murdered six and injured dozens more. The suspect is in custody as of last night, and we don't know a ton of details yet, but of course Democratic politicians are making it political by saying, if you can even believe it, that guns may have played a part — the gun was apparently bought legally — while Republican politicians are saying "mental health, mental health, mental health!"

But GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is taking it over and above, like she's got some inside information about this massacre that happened in a state she doesn't represent in Congress. To be fair, she could also just be hallucinating. Point is, she's not just blaming it on mental illness, she's blaming it on SSRIs and "Big Pharma" and asking totally sane questions like "Are we really going to keep pretending?"


Does Marjorie Taylor Greene know something we don't, and did she find out about it in a secret transmission from a Jewish space laser that only she can interpret? We are just asking, for journalism.

Because in case you were wondering, according to tThe Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo, who is kind of a specialist in reporting on MTG/MyPillow types, "no one in any position of authority has said the man in custody, Robert Crimo, is a drug user or has a mental illness diagnosis, and his uncle said he knew of no such problems." Nada. This, very shockingly, appears to just be MTG pulling things out of her butt and waving them around.

Ever since that first series of tweets last night, she's been going and going and going, just running with it, spreading conspiracy theories, demanding his "prescription drug history" and "recreational drug history." She's wilding out, claiming that "they are erasing every bit of searchable history" on the suspect. She tweeted, "They always delete everything about these shooters off of any searchable database and hide the truth about these young men." Who is she talking about? Who does she think is doing this? What does she see? How many fingers are they holding up? Unclear.

She's retweeting people equally as credible as she is, like Maxine Waters beating victimMichael Tracey and Jack Posobiec, because these are the people we follow on Twitter when we want to know what's really happening.

So all of this is pretty much what we expect from Marjorie Taylor Greene. Thoughts and prayers for the squirrels who live in her brain, sounds like they've been banging around pretty hard the past few hours.

In related news, Darren Bailey, the Trump-endorsed GOP wingnut running for governor of Illinois, is now very sorry after saying during a prayer livestream yesterday, just a few hours after the massacre, that it was now time to "move on and celebrate the independence of this nation." Yee haw, time to git back to fireworks, we guess. But again, he's very sorry. That was very insensitive of him.

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