Trumps Basically Just Logan Roy's Family But Stupider And Poorer, According To Jan. 6 Documentary Trailer

The past few weeks we've been hearing a bunch about this documentary filmmaker named Alex Holder, who got just crazy access to Donald Trump and his democracy-murdering crime consortium in the months and weeks surrounding the election Trump tried to steal and the terrorist attack he successfully incited. And apparently Holder was given all this access without anybody ever really telling the Trump campaign about it.

Politico Playbook got a look-see at the trailer for the documentary series, which is called "Unprecedented" and will air on Discovery+. The House January 6 Select Committee already had all this footage. And now we all get to watch, hooray!

We all knew that there was footage of Ivanka Trump maybe not being the democracy-protecting single-teared bald eagle warrior she wants us to believe she is. But this trailer really captures the "Logan Roy's Family But Stupider And Poorer" thing the Trump family has going on. (That is a reference to the well-known television program "Succession," if you are not aware of all pop culture happenings.)

It's got the dramatic classical music of Vivaldi, cut with Ivanka complaining about how her dress looks and asking her makeup artist if she could maybe hold their dog, to keep people from seeing how her dress is making a crease she does not like.

It's got Donald Trump Jr. telling rally attendees, "We will make liberals cry again!" Because "MLCA" is the new "MAGA," we guess. And then it's got Donald Trump Jr. washing his hands, as his voice, breaking, explains that he's "washing my hands after giving a bunch of fist-bumps, you know!"

Eric Trump is on the phone at one point, and he says, "For the sake of this country, we're going to get these guys," like a real patriotic action hero.

Donald Trump The Daddy worries that there is a glass of water in the camera shot with him, we guess because he hadn't flung all his dishes at the wall yet that day. And then he worries about the water some more. And some more. Pretty much every clip in the trailer of Trump speaking is him worrying about the water on the table in the shot next to him. And then there's Ivanka wanting to put the dog on her lap to cover up her dress again. And Donald Trump Jr. and Eric having those faces.

Jared Kushner is in the clip.

Oh yeah, and there is just some really good January 6 footage. It's got clips of Trump's Ellipse speech where he said, "Let's all walk down Pennsylvania Avenue." If you'll remember from Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony, he was obsessed with getting to go on a field trip to the Capitol that morning, even though everybody had told him no. And it's got clips of the terrorist attack as it unfolded.

The Vivaldi really is a nice touch, though. Just really provides a nice contrast with the garbage on the screen.

Can't wait to see the whole docu-series, either on Discovery+ or when Liz Cheney informs America she's pre-empting all the channels to hold a surprise January 6 committee hearing that is basically just movie night.

[Politico Playbook]

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