Alaska GOP Senate Candidate Loon Thinks God Sent Her To ‘Subdue And Rule’ Some Fishes And Birds

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Alaska GOP Senate Candidate Loon Thinks God Sent Her To ‘Subdue And Rule’ Some Fishes And Birds

Last year, Donald Trump endorsed Alaska GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka as part of his personal vendetta campaign against incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. Trump has it out for Murkowski because she voted for his second annual impeachment and she’d previously helped stymie his efforts to deprive millions of Americans healthcare.

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Tshibaka is a more reliable MAGA stooge. The former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner fully endorses Trump's Big Lie that widespread voter fraud cost him the election he lost like a big loser. She’s not only rejected democracy but she’s also dismissed the separation of church and state, like such fringe right-wing figures as Rep. Lauren Boebert and the current Supreme Court.

During an appearance this May at the North Kenai Chapel in Kenai, Alaska, Tshibaka declared that God created government and perhaps personally sent Tshibaka to "the harvest field of government.” Her remarks were all pretty standard, really.

Right Wing Watch reports:

“Do you know who created government?” Tshibaka asked rhetorically. “Here it is: Genesis 1:28. You got to know your Bible. It’s a story. If you read it the way I read it, it’s the best book ever. ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the Earth.’”

Sit down, please. You won’t believe where she’s going with this.

“‘Subdue’ and ‘rule’ are government words,” she added. “What are we ruling and subduing over? The fish, the birds, and every living thing. Guys, in government, what department is that? God created the Department of Fish and Wildlife Services! I didn’t make it up! It’s right there!”

President Theodore Roosevelt established the Fish and Wildlife Service, and according to our admittedly limited research, he was not God.

We’re not making this up. There’s video:

She goes on for a while:

Isaiah 9:6: "Unto us a child will be born, unto us a son will be given,” and what? "The government will rest on his shoulders.” Well, guys, again, where is God today? Is he in Jerusalem? In a temple? Where are his shoulders? His shoulders are your shoulders. So, if the government rests on his shoulders and we are not in government, helping government, influencing government, if we abdicate government and politics, are we living out Genesis 1 and Isaiah 9? No. So, we’ve got to put this into practice.

Tshibaka is your typical right-wing theocrat who sees religion as a blunt instrument. She skipped any Bible passages that reference compassion or love for one’s neighbor, even if they’re LGBTQ.

Trump held a rally Saturday on behalf of Tshibaka and Sarah Palin, who’s running for the state’s only House seat. A typical theme at these events is that Trump usually just talks about himself when not ranting against his enemies like a madman. He claimed he did more for Alaska than any president in history (Eisenhower might disagree), yet Murkowski, who he called a “piece of garbage,” still voted to impeach him after he incited an attack on the Capitol. He’s truly the victim of every scenario.

We shouldn’t sleep on the chances of Tshibaka winning this race. Fortunately, however, Alaska has ranked-choice voting, which should help Murkowski keep her seat. She won’t even have to bother with a write-in campaign. A recent poll showed Tshibaka leading Murkowski 43 to 35 percent during the first round of results. However, by the third round that Murkowski prevails. She benefits from more voters ranking her their second and third choice.

It’s disturbing that Tshibaka is anyone’s first choice.

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