Dr. Oz Very Hunty, Very Shooty, Very Real True Resident Of Pennsylvania, USA

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Dr. Oz Very Hunty, Very Shooty, Very Real True Resident Of Pennsylvania, USA

TV’s Dr. Oz is running for US Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican, and that means he’s now a hunting and a shooting man!

Remember this ad from the primaries where he shared his close, personal relationship with guns?


OZ: My father taught me how to handle my first gun. I taught my son Oliver how to do the same. I’ve been shooting and hunting my whole life.

Oz is shown firing a pistol at a target. That’s not a great weapon for hunting unless Oz is one of those rich guys who lures people to their private island and kills them for sport. Oz went fully method for his new role. He’s even wearing flannel and jeans in the ad.

Pennsylvania is a big gun state. According to Politics PA, the Pennsylvania Game Commission issued more than 887,000 hunting licenses to residents in 2020, more than any other state. You’ll also recall that Oz’s Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov John Fetterman, once chased a Black jogger with a shotgun. Oz can’t risk looking soft.

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It should surprise no one that Oz is a big phony who’s overstated his gun-toting credentials. During a Newsmax interview, when Oz was asked where he liked to kill harmless animals for fun, he said he had a hunting ranch in Florida. However, Florida Politics reveals that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has no record of Oz ever holding a hunting license in the state. (This is the sort of thing you can look up.)

That doesn’t mean the agency lacks any knowledge of Oz’s activities. He did hold a fishing license for three days in 2013. Notably, he listed Princeton, New Jersey as his home at the time, a significant snippet considering the media personality has been dogged about state residency since entering the race

So Oz fished for all of three days in Florida. Did he shoot them with his pistol? Pew! Pew!

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This is pretty consistent with Oz’s overall craptastic campaign. His opponent is recovering from a stroke but still manages to troll him about his faux Pennsylvania residency. Fetterman called out Oz for apparently filming a campaign ad from his home in New Jersey, where he seems to spend a lot of time, as if he lives there.

This was on top of the revelation that Oz misspelled his own address on an official campaign form. He wrote down "Huntington Valley,” which doesn’t exist, instead of "Huntingdon Valley,” whose primary tourist appeal is that it’s a real place. Oh, and dig this: The address Oz listed is for a commercial park, not a residence.

Arnie McClure, chair of the Huntingdon County Republican Party, told Politico last week that he doesn’t have much confidence in Oz’s campaign. That’s a reasonable concern when your nominee is getting smoked in polls by the guy recovering from a stroke.

Fetterman was reportedly sketchy about his medical history, and a Democratic consultant remarked that "If Oz and the Republicans wanted to sort of get to the [health] issue in a roundabout way, they would do it through the trust issue.”

Or they could go with goofy “Have You Seen This Man?” tweets.

This just reminds voters that Fetterman isn’t actively campaigning yet because he had a stroke. Fetterman potentially misleading voters about his health — in a high-stakes Senate race — is a more salient political point that goes to judgment and trust.

Meanwhile, Fetterman is effectively painting Oz as untrustworthy. It’s not just that he’s carpetbagger. He’s a shameless huckster who’s pretending he’s something he’s obviously not.

Oz is reeling and Fetterman hasn’t even entered the ring yet.

[Florida Politics]

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