Pete Kicked A(nother) Boy And He Liked It

He did it AGAIN?

Yes, our American Secretary of Kicked A Boy And He Liked It did it another time, during that same hearing yesterday when he beat the crap out of Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Scott Perry.

This time it was GOP Rep. Troy Nehls, who thought a grown-up hearing in the Congress was a good time to spew out some Maria Bartiromo-grade conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's old age, frailty and senility. You know, the same people who expected us to look at Donald Trump and see a manly man with a man penis and a god body and a very good brain with the best words.

The tweet captures the general nature of how Pete kicked the boy:

Troy Nehls accused Biden of "shak[ing] hands with ghosts and imaginary people."

He said Biden "falls off bicycles."

He said the Easter Bunny had to "guide him back into his safe place."

And there was so much more blah blah blah. Look, questions about mental agility coming from the average Republican congressman these days? These are people who harbor Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louie Gohmert and Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz and Clay Higgins. And that's just a handful of examples from the House. In the Senate they've got Marsha Blackburn and Ron Johnson and Tommy Tuberville, and they hope to have Herschel Walker, Fake FBI Agent, join their ranks.

It just lands different when Republicans accuse Democrats of being Not Smart. These are people who still think "Let's Go Brandon" is like the funniest thing that happened ever.

Anyway, Nehls's point to his ridiculous line of paint-huffing, armpit-farting questions was whether Pete Buttigieg had ever tried to get the Cabinet together to do the 25th Amendment to Joe Biden. And the answer, of course, is fuck you, you fucking troll.

Instead Pete said, "First of all, I'm glad to have a president who can ride a bicycle."

He added, "I will look beyond the insulting nature of that question and make clear to you that the president of the United States ..."

Nehls interrupted, like the garbage human he is, to ask the question again, so Buttigieg said, "Of COURSE not." As if there's anybody who thinks this is a legitimate question from a legitimate person with legitimate thoughts and feelings. Has Pete emailed with anybody? Fuck off. Shut up, you irrelevant man.

At this point, Nehls was just barking questions and not listening, impressed with the sound of his Texas redneck voice and trying for a guest spot on Fox News later that night. So the person running the hearing had to tell him to zip his lips, and he whined about that too.

In related news, speaking of GOP brain wizards, Nehls's fellow Texas clown person Rep. Ronny Jackson, who used to inexplicably be the White House doctor until he screwed himself right out of that job, was back at it on Newsmax this week, telling Greg Kelly how tall and smart and physically fit Donald Trump is. Yes, even now, today.

Dude and his hallucinations about Donald Trump need to get a room.

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