Here Is The Venn Diagram Of Republicans Who Voted For Trump's Coup AND ALSO For Gay Marriage

Yesterday, the House of Representatives gave a direct answer to Clarence Thomas, who in his concurring opinion destroying abortion rights and overturning Roethrew a bundle of Coke-pubes at the idea of also overturning marriage equality and contraception rights and everything else! (That means he was excited about it. Get familiar with Clarence Thomas law words, OK?)

That direct answer was: The House voted 267 to 157 for the Respect for Marriage Act, to codify marriage equality and also interracial marriage into federal law. You might notice that's a mightily bigger majority than the 219 who voted to codify abortion rights into law, which was almost entirely party-line except the piece of shit Democrat (Henry Cuellar of Texas, obviously) who crossed the aisle to vote with the Republicans. That's because this time, 47 Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with the Dems, in support of marriage equality and interracial marriage.

Congratulations, 47 whole entire Republicans, on seeing marriage equality and interracial marriage as civil rights!

Though both marriage equality and interracial marriage were included in this bill, we should note that it is primarily about marriage equality, because that's what Clarence Thomas took direct aim at. We should also note that marriage equality enjoys support from 71 percent of the public. But hey, abortion rights are pretty fuckin' popular too, and look what the Court just did.

Nobody knows what will happen with this bill in the Senate. Susan Collins is sponsoring it, so she probably won't have sudden concerns. Are there 10 Republicans who would vote like the 47 in the House? Dunno. And if not, we know Joe Manchin and known bisexual Kyrsten Sinema won't break their ancient cherished traditions to break the filibuster. Hell, who knows if Manchin would even vote for it? His houseboat might be broken that day or maybe his asshole will get a itch.

CNN reports that House Republican leadership didn't whip its members to vote against this bill, and when it came to leadership, they didn't vote in lockstep. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise are bigots, but Elise Stefanik voted for it. She's garbage in so very many ways — more on that in a sec! — but hey congrats for doing the right thing this one time. Also voting in support was Tom Emmer, chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Which brings us to some interesting questions we had, some Venn diagrams you're only gonna see here, folks, except we're not making actual Venn diagrams. But you're only going to get this at Wonkette, MUST CREDIT WONKETTE!

Here Are The Overlords Of The Seditionist/Gay Marriage Industrial Complex, Which Isn't A Thing

Did you see this article and wonder, "Which Republicans are seditionists who are ALSO cool with the gays for whatever reason? Who has that Bumble profile?" So we took the time to cross-reference it for you because we are a goddamned journalist like that.

And we are appalled to report that the only website we found that bothered to list out the 47 Republicans who voted for it — thereby saving us from digging around Congress's annoying website — was The Hill. So we are required to thank The Hill for the first time ever.

The following 18 Republicans voted FOR marriage equality, and AGAINST certifying the electoral votes for Joe Biden in Arizona and/or Pennsylvania, votes that happened AFTER Donald Trump's Capitol terrorist attack and attempted coup:

Cliff Bentz (OR)

Ken Calvert (CA)

Kat Cammack (FL)

Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)

Mike Garcia (CA)

Darrell Issa (CA)

Chris Jacobs (NY)

Nicole Malliotakis (NY)

Brian Mast (FL)

Dan Meuser (PA)

Jay Obernolte (CA)

Burgess Owens (UT)

Scott Perry (!) (PA)

Tom Rice (SC) (should be noted he ultimately voted for Trump's impeachment)

Elise Stefanik (NY)

Chris Stewart (UT)

Jeff Van Drew (NJ)

Lee Zeldin (NY) (oh man he wants to be governor of New York)

A total of 139 House Republicans voted with Trump's coup, so that list of 18 ain't that big.

So it's also interesting, for math purposes, that out of the 10 Republicans who voted for Trump's second impeachment — the one for "coup" — only one of them did not support this marriage equality bill, and that was Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler of Washington state, SHAAAAAAAAAME.

Liz Cheney supported it, which isn't that surprising, hashtag gay sister. Other non-seditionists like John Katko, Peter Meijer, Nancy Mace, and Maria Elvira Salazar voted in favor. We're especially glad to report that Adam Kinzinger was in the "yes" group, which suggests his current life path is maybe slowly helping him become more progressive. (He voted against codifying abortion rights, but voted for making sure people can cross state lines for abortion? Meh, whatever, GET BETTER.)

The entire Utah delegation voted for marriage equality, so that's interesting.

We can't wait to write an article in a few weeks explaining why the Senate couldn't possibly get anything done on this, but don't blame them, it's not like they're lawmakers or anything.

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