​Kari Lake’s Gonna Burn In The Arizona Sun Voting In Person Like Her Trump God Intended!

​Kari Lake’s Gonna Burn In The Arizona Sun Voting In Person Like Her Trump God Intended!

Kari Lake, the drag queen-smearing phony who’s running for Arizona governor, demonstrated once again how serious a candidate she is during her recent interview with Diamond and Silk, who we guess are still a thing. How empty is the human life that voluntarily watches Diamond and Silk videos? (I’m at least paid several dozen dollars to do so professionally.)

Lake predictably ranted to the two stooges about all that rampant voter fraud that exists in her tiny house brain.


Phoenix Drag Queen Drags MAGA Bigot Hypocrite Kari Lake

AZ QAnon A-Hole Kari Lake Will Sue ALL DRAG QUEENS Who Reveal How Full Of Sh*t She Is

LAKE: Let me show you something here. I am not signed up to get mail-in ballots. I’m signed up to vote on Election Day. Lo and behold, look what showed up in the mail? A mail-in ballot! It’s still a mess.

Where to start with this shit? Arizona has no-excuse mail-in voting, but I don’t think they send you ballots without your consent. They aren’t Christmas cards. Either Diamond or Silk asked Lake “who’s running the show ... to just hand out ballots?” The ballots weren’t randomly distributed on a street corner like fliers for a rave. They were sent to Lake’s house, probably because she'd requested them. Maybe she just forgot! It happens when your beliefs change more frequently than Arizona’s weather.

EITHER DIAMOND OR SILK: We’re ‘bout to have another 2020 2.0 all over again if somebody don’t get a handle on this.

A conservative group including former federal judges, Republican senators and Republican-appointed officials released a lengthy report this month debunking all these BS claims of voter fraud. The 2020 election was the most secure in history.

Big dummy Trump has an unreasoning hatred of mail-in ballots, so now his MAGA faithful are rejecting a perfectly secure and accessible means of voting. The Arizona primary is August 2, when the average daily high temperature is between 97 and an incinerating 111 degrees. Unless your blood type is lava, it’s far safer to vote by mail rather than leave the house to vote in person. In 2018, Gov. Doug Ducey decisively lost voters under 44 but overwhelmingly carried voters over 45. It has never made sense for Republicans to discourage mail-in voting.

Someone on Lake’s staff must’ve realized this, because the two-faced wonder took a sudden about face on the subject. She tweeted Tuesday:

Arizona, If you have a Mail-In Ballot, fill it out and Mail it in ASAP. I've talked to True the Vote election experts--they say the US MAIL is the safest way to be sure your Mail-In vote is counted — Not the drop boxes. FILL IT OUT & MAIL IT OUT NOW. Let's win this!

She had trouble convincing the cultists, who responded with the usual Big Lie talking points. One of her followers claimed the “postal service” was in on the “latest scam” and another wrote: "I'm not mailing a ballot ever again. I'll take the day off to vote in person after 2020, everyone else should too if they're able.” You live in Arizona! The heat, my God, the heat.

It’s not been a great few days for Lake. Ducey, whom she hopes to replace, and Mike Pence both endorsed her primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, who’s awful in different ways. Fox News might be done with Lake, as well, because it suddenly discovered a 2017 anti-Trump post on her Facebook page.

It read: "Will you be protesting the inauguration? If so, which of these suggestions will you adopt? Will you boycott TV coverage? Wear black? Donate money the ACLU, NAACP or Planned Parenthood? Use the hashtag #NotMyPresident? Will you unfollow Donald Trump?”

Lake was still working in TV news at the time, so it’s possible she was pursuing the story not expressing her own opinions. However, once Fox Digital reached out for a comment, the post quickly vanished, but it still exists online as a screenshot. She’s not the Secret Service.


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