RINO-Hunting Scumbag Eric Greitens Headed For Flawless Third Place Finish In MO Primary

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RINO-Hunting Scumbag Eric Greitens Headed For Flawless Third Place Finish In MO Primary

The Missouri primary elections are next Tuesday, and it looks as if Republicans probably won’t pick gross former Governor Eric Greitens as their Senate nominee. Hooray, they will have cleared rock bottom.

Greitens has fallen to third place in recent polls, and that’s a sobering wake-up call for bigger loser candidates Billy Long and Mark McCloskey, who are at fourth and fifth. A Trafalgar poll released Monday has Attorney General Eric Schmidt in the lead with 26.5 percent. Rep. Vicki Hartzler, who has Donald Trump’s un-endorsement, is in second place with 24.4 percent, and Greitens, credibly accused of domestic abuse, has the support of 20.2 percent of voters, who should feel ashamed.

These close results are more encouraging for Greitens than a Missouri Scout poll that has Schmitt at 32 percent, Hartzler at 25 percent and Greitens way behind at 18 percent.

An anti-Greitens super PAC has spent the past month reminding Republican primary voters that Greitens is a garbage human. It’s spent $6 million in ads that highlight allegations from Missouri’s former first lady, Sheena Greitens, that her ex-husband was physically abusive to both her and their children.


MO Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Is Somehow Even More Trash Than We Knew

Former MO First Lady Sheena Greitens Says She Has Proof Ex-Husband Is Abusive Sack Of Sh*t

Sheena Greitens testified under oath in an affidavit that Greitens smacked their then three-year-old son across the face at the dinner table and yanked him around by his hair. She also said one of their sons returned from visiting Greitens with a swollen face, bleeding gums, and a loose tooth.

The Show Me Values PAC’s ads feature a woman narrator reading directly from the affidavits Sheena Greitens filed. It’s devastating and effective.

Politico reports:

“I think it’s a case of the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Gregg Keller, a Republican strategist in the state working with a pro-Schmitt super PAC. “I think Missouri Republican primary voters have, and rightly so, a lot of skepticism about what they read in the press.

“But at some point, when Missouri’s former first lady comes forward and says Greitens beat her when they were married, and says the same thing about his young son, voters think, ‘The number and the seriousness of the charges against him are just too much for me. I’m tapping out.’”

Greitens insisted that his ex-wife’s allegations are all “scorned woman” lies. Yet, a couple months later, he’s releasing campaign ads where he hunts down his political enemies like an unhinged Elmer Fudd.


Eric Greitens Wants You To Shoot Some People

Eric Greitens Can't Believe Y'all So Sensitive About A Little Death Threat Joke

At least three other polls show Greitens firmly in third place, but would those same polls dare say that to his face, especially if he pointed a gun at them? He doesn’t think so. His campaign manager Dylan Johnson dismissed the polls as RINO bullshit: "Fake poll numbers peddled by grifters are an albatross in the political world and Governor Greitens will become the next U.S. senator from Missouri."

That seems highly unlikely.

Although Trump has called the credibly accused domestic batterer “tough and smart,” he never officially endorsed Greitens. Schmidt is now puckering up big time for Trump’s stamp of approval. He’s reportedly courted the mad MAGA king through former Trump officials Kim Bondi and Matt Whittaker.

Trump’s future daughter-in-law Kimberly Guilfoyle advises Greitens’s campaign, which we imagine has also contributed to his free fall in the polls. Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. are actively pushing Papa Trump to endorse Greitens, so obviously he’s fucked.


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