Hero Cincinnati Cop Caught On Tape Ranting About Those F**king N-Words She F**king Hates

Hero Cincinnati Cop Caught On Tape Ranting About Those F**king N-Words She F**king Hates

Let’s meet Rose Valentino, the latest cop caught being racist on video. The Cincinnati police officer was stuck in traffic outside Western Hills University High School last April. She switched on her lights and sirens so that cars would move out her way. It wasn’t an emergency, and the other drivers were there to pick up students.

Her body camera shows Valentino shouting, “You gotta move! Fucking ridiculous! Fucking assholes. Is she gonna fucking just sit there?”

It only gets worse from here:

A Black teen leaving the school flipped off Valentino. That’s rude, but drivers give each other the finger more often than they use turn signals when changing lanes. She should’ve just moved on with their life. Instead, Valentino blew a fuse.

VALENTINO: I fucking hate them. Oh, I fucking hate them so much. Fucking God. I hate this fucking world. Fucking hate it!

Calm down, lady!

A few seconds pass and she drops the n-word: “Fucking n*****s. I fucking hate them.” Why do I suspect Valentino didn’t exactly love Black folks before this one kid flipped her off?

City Manager John Curp said Valentino’s “police powers” have been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. He released a statement confirming that "Officer Valentino will not be on city streets in uniform, wearing a badge or carrying a firearm.”

According to an internal investigation, Valentino admitted to what was obvious on the video but said it was an “isolated incident” and she was “surprised" the racial slur came out of her racist mouth. Less surprisingly, she insists she’s not the least bit racist and certainly holds no racial biases that might impact her work. She told investigators that she doesn’t use racial slurs. Presumably, someone clarified for her that the n-word is a racial slur.

This n-word-dropping cop has worked at the CPD for 14 years. WCPO in Cincinnati looked into Valentino's personnel file: She’s received consistently positive performance reviews. She trains recent police academy graduates. Her supervisors have said she’s “dedicated” and “hard-working.” Like a flat-foot Cinderella, she comes to work with a “positive and motivated attitude.”

These glowing reviews fail to reflect Valentino's actual record: She’s been reprimanded in the past for not turning on her body camera. (That’s probably not a coincidence considering how quickly she went full Tarantino with the n-word.) She was also reprimanded in 2019 for sharing body camera footage of a homicide with family members. That’s just not an appropriate substitute for Netflix.

In 2020, she was charged with domestic violence and criminal damaging relating to a fight with her own sister. Her "police powers" were also suspended and, to use "Law & Order" parlance, she “rode a desk” for a while. She pleaded not guilty, and the charges were later reduced to disorderly conduct. She was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to take anger-management classes, which clearly worked wonders.

A year earlier, Valentino and two other officers were accused of racially profiling a Black realtor and his client. A retired Cincinnati officer freaked out because he saw the realtor using a lockbox to enter the house next door. When Valentino and the other cops showed up, they pointed their guns at the Black men and handcuffed the realtor until they could “confirm his job.” The realtor and his client sued the fuck out of the cops. Three days later, the city settled the suit for $151,000.

In a bold move, Cincinnati Police Union President Dan Hils said "no Cincinnati police officer should use any racial slurs” and “anyone who does is wrong.” Unlike the fashion designer, this Valentino probably isn't a trendsetter. Racial prejudice is more common in law enforcement than most of us would like to believe.

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