NPR Clutches Its Pearls Over Beto O'Rourke's Motherf*cking Madness

NPR Clutches Its Pearls Over Beto O'Rourke's Motherf*cking Madness
Beto Calls A Motherf*cker By Its Name

On Thursday, video emerged of Beto O’Rourke, in the midst of one of the high-energy, baby’s-first-coke-binge moments for which he is known, calling a supporter of his opponent in the Texas governor’s race “motherfucker.”

We thought that was pretty funny! Almost as funny as the dramatic lunge Beto does around the :38 mark in the video below. Say what you want about Beto, nothing, but nothing, keeps him from Leg Day.

Anyway, you motherfuckers probably figured that some motherfuckers somewhere would clutch their motherfucking pearls over this horrific breach of decorum. And sure enough, NPR is on the case:

And while the former U.S. Representative received cheers from the crowd, political experts say he went too far.

Which political experts? We’re political experts of a sort, and we think Beto didn’t go far enough. He was ranting about the massacre of schoolchildren in Uvalde, Texas, and the easy availability of semi-automatic rifles when this heckler started laughing. Which is what sent Beto into beast mode.

Frankly, we think Beto went easy on the guy. He should have also crushed the dude’s nuts with a Texas-sized kick to the groin. This is probably why no one from NPR would ever ask us for our opinion.

According to Cal Jillson, professor of Political Science at Southern Methodist University, O'Rourke's kneejerk reaction shows he's passionate, which is good, but dropping an f-bomb in a room with elderly attendees and kids, not so much.

The room cheered Beto like a motherfucker, so we’re not sure what video Jillson was watching.

"Light cursing can make you seem more authentic to your supporters, but there are shades of language that are dangerous," Jillson said. "[O'Rourke] may have skated right up to it and past it."

Are we really having this conversation in the era of Donald Trump, a man whose general vulgarity has made him the leading candidate for his third straight GOP presidential nomination despite the fact that he also has the wit and class and brainpower of a dead squirrel stuffed inside another dead squirrel?

Rice University Political Science professor Mark Jones echoed similar sentiments: "It helps them, it hurts them." [,,,]
"These are voters who are Democratic voters, Republican voters, who don't have an issue with profanity in their private life but hold public officials and those making public pronouncements to a higher standard," Jones said.

This is what made us laugh about this story: NPR found it important enough to seek out not one but two poli-sci professors to make the incredible observation that while some people might not care about a candidate who curses, other people will be upset by a candidate who curses. Who’s running the assignment desk over there, Zombie Emily Post?

Toilet talk and opponent bashing seem more commonplace now than ever before in politics, Jillson said, which is unfortunate because it makes it harder for these people to do their jobs.

"You hear people being called fascists, communists, groomers and pedophiles in ways you didn't hear decades ago, and now you hear people more emboldened to capture the audiences the attention," he said. "It's harmful to our politics because it becomes more difficult to conduct politics and find that middle ground on issues."

There is an enormous, enormous difference between a candidate in a moment of high dudgeon calling a heckler who laughed about dead schoolchildren a "motherfucker," and an entire political movement smearing its opponents as murderous kiddie-diddlers. The latter is a strategy for dehumanizing millions of people and turning them into civilization-destroying enemies who must be not just outvoted but destroyed. The former is correct.

Motherfucker, now we're mad. Let us relax by watching this video while lighting an NPR tote bag on fire.


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