Is Brian Kilmeade Trying To Get Judge Killed, Or Is That Hilarious 'Satire'?

Is Brian Kilmeade Trying To Get Judge Killed, Or Is That Hilarious 'Satire'?

The story of the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago is still unfolding, with the government being rightfully tight-lipped about exactly what was in those classified documents Donald Trump supposedly packed up along with his tubs of ketchup and his collection of male girdles and Melania’s original cheekbones when he left the White House in early 2021.

STILL UNFOLDING! Sounds Like Whatever Trump Stole Was Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Oh THOSE Classified Documents In Trump's Trash Palace Basement!

Release The Warrant ... Err, We Mean Affidavit, Demands GOP!

This meant the entire conservative media complex had to pitch in this week to distract from the substance of what Trump allegedly took by smearing everyone even tangentially involved with obtaining and serving the warrant, from the FBI to Merrick Garland to Joe Biden to Joe Biden’s cat to the judge, Bruce Reinhart, who signed off on the warrant, to who knows who else.

Which brings us to Brian Kilmeade, who was filling in for Tucker Carlson this week, which is a little like if Goebbels was unavailable to deliver one of his regular jeremiads for a few days so the RRG replaced him with a sausage.

Now, if Kilmeade were a decent human being, he might look at the death threats the Jewish judge has been inundated with and say, “Huh, maybe I should talk about something else instead of further riling up the knuckle-dragging white nationalist degenerates who make up my audience and then aiming them at Jewish people.”

But Kilmeade doesn’t have the level of decency that God gave to serial killers. So he and his writers thought, “Hm, what if we tied this judge to Jeffrey Epstein, the well-known dead sex offender accused of trafficking and raping for decades untold numbers of teenage girls and whose death has been fodder for insane rightwing conspiracy theories, in a way that we could plausibly call ‘satire’ if we twist the definition of the word ‘satire’ into a shape resembling a plate of spaghetti?”

First, they had to introduce the judge to the audience. So they somehow found a picture of him relaxing outside the office that they could mock and broadcast it on Wednesday night:

A dude who likes to down a bottle of whiskey while housing a bag of Oreos actually seems kind of badass to us, even if those are blonde Oreos. If his stomach can take the combo, more power to him.

Then on Thursday the judge’s synagogue canceled an event, slated to take place on a South Florida beach, because of all the antisemitic threats it was receiving in the backlash being driven by conservatives desperate to protect Donald Trump.

Kilmeade responded that night by posting a meme someone on the Internet made using a picture of Epstein getting his feet rubbed by his accomplice Ghislane Maxwell and replacing Epstein with Judge Reinhart, like so:

Ha ha, the Jewish judge who signed the Mar-a-Lago warrant consorts with famous sex offenders whose names have become shorthand on the Right for all the degeneracy with which liberals are ruining Western civilization. Surely there is no problem putting this message on a show known to appeal to neo-Nazis.

Even Sean Hannity seemed to not find it even remotely amusing, and Sean Hannity is the exact type of meathead who would normally enjoy this sort of “joke.”

Innumerable members of the Twitterati have been beside themselves complaining that Kilmeade did not make clear the meme was in fact a meme and therefore could be liable for libeling the judge with “reckless disregard” or “actual malice” or whatever. At the very least, considering how riled up the Right is over this situation, Kilmeade was grossly, grossly irresponsible. But he presumably has his own dressing room by now, so obviously it's worth it.

THEY ARE REALLY RILED UP! MAGA Crowd Already Decrying Now-Dead FBI Attempted Shooter As False Flag Crisis Actor

We think Kilmeade could get out of any legal sanctions by pleading “utter stupidity,” as befits a man who once tried to roast a marshmallow over an open flame using a plastic spoon. But we’ll leave that up to the legal system.

UPDATE 4:20 P.M. (Ha ha)

Kilmeade tweeted this a little while ago, though as your Editrix pointed out, the "depiction" did indeed take place, because you, Brian Kilmeade, depicted it. If you want to say the EVENT you depicted in your depiction never took place, as in Bruce Reinhart never to your knowledge got a footrub from Ghislane Maxwell on Jeffrey Epstein's sex plane, then go for it.


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