Fox News Host Asked If Trump Tried To Sell State Secrets To Foreigns, So He's Probably Fired Now

Never let it be said that Wonkette is not immensely fair to Fox News. We are the goddamned Ranger Rick of being fair to Fox News, that's who we are.

Therefore, we'd like to point out that there was a host on Fox News this very week who dared to ask out loud completely sane questions like whether or not Donald Trump stole American nuclear secrets to sell to the Saudis or maybe the Russians. He noted that Russian media is blabbing that it's seen all our nuclear secrets, which sounds like Kremlin trolling to us, and also could be an attempt at a "hey look over here!" if the Saudi thing is the real truth. But at least he was asking some questions.

The host's name is Eric Shawn, and whatever no-name wingnut account posted this tweet, what they're interpreting as contempt is just actual questions about why Donald Trump was hiding American nuclear documents in the basement at Mar-a-Lago.

JoeMyGod typed out the transcript so we don't have to:

“More questions are being raised this morning. Did former President Trump try to sell or share the highly classified material to the Russians or to the Saudis or others?

“Or were the documents innocently mishandled and stored because he thought he had a legal right to have them?

“And Russia’s state media already is claiming that Russian officials have seen the material. Empty boasts or has there been a leak that officials fear could pose a grave danger to the United States security?

“How would they get this if it’s under lock and key — or was it? Because the Feds apparently told them back in June that you got to put a padlock on that on the storage room.

“We don’t know where this stuff was floating around.”

Haha, we just found a Wonkette story we wrote a week after the 2020 election about how American officials were totally freaked Trump was going to spill our national secrets to foreigns in his post-presidency. That's neat.

So anyway, we still think it is the Saudis and that whatever the Russians are saying on TV is disinfo and trolling. We could be wrong.

But good job asking questions, Fox News guy!

It's a far cry from, oh fuck it HERE'S SOME BULLET POINTS:

  • Tucker telling his viewers last night that Joe Biden has literally declared war ON YOU, because his Justice Department is maybe holding Trump accountable for possibly stealing classified documents, and Tucker basically saying we better pray this doesn't get worse, if you know what he means, and we think you know what he means;
  • and Fox News mediocre white boy Will Cain saying it doesn't matter if Trump stole the nuclear codes because they change them every presidency, as if the "codes" are what sentient people are worried about, you below-average fucking loser;
  • and the same stupid pity hire Will Cain actually quoting Nixon with his mouth and saying if the president does it, it's not illegal (surely does not apply to Democratic presidents);
  • and Jesse Watters and Sean Hannity and all their goddamned lies about Barack Obama stealing 30 million documents;
  • and all the lies and insinuations about the FBI planting evidence, from Watters and other Fox News hosts;
  • and Watters just wildly speculating that maybe the FBI bugged Mar-a-Lago;
  • and Hannity literally whining to his viewers that he no longer loves law enforcement;
  • and all the fucking incitement and smearing against the judge who signed the warrant;
  • and bringing stupid Lara Trump on to just lie and lie and lie some more about the FBI search;
  • and bringing stupid Eric Trump on to tell clownish lies about how he had to argue with people at a restaurant because they were trying to buy him and stupid Lara Trump dinner to apologize for what the government is doing to their family, LOL fuck you;
  • and Fox Business bringing some asshole on to say that the FBI "asked for" all the heightened threats to law enforcement that are now happening after the Mar-a-lago search;

Hell, what did we miss? One million things, probably.

But again, we are fair, so we wanted to note the one time this year a Fox News host sorta kinda said something that wasn't bugfuck.


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