Kari Lake Shocked To Learn Obvious Antisemite She Endorsed Is Antisemite

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Kari Lake Shocked To Learn Obvious Antisemite She Endorsed Is Antisemite

Last week, Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake endorsed Jarrin Jackson, the Republican nominee for Oklahoma's Senate District 2. Everything was typical “America First” fun and games until the the Oklahoman reported that Jackson is someone who enjoys posting antisemitic and homophobic comments on social media (i.e. an antisemitic homophobe).

In Telegram posts, Jackson said using the phrase LGBTQ "is using language designed by Satan" and "LGTBQ is the gateway to pedophilia."

He also wrote, "call me old fashioned, but I don't want a society of homosexuals.”

Jackson described Pride Month in one of his videos as "fornication month” that celebrates "all sorts of sexual depravity and the destruction of our society.” He said homosexuality "is the most disgusting, despicable, stupid blehh (makes gagging noise) thing ever. Insert barf emoji. And yet, we’re supposed to celebrate this and supposed to treat it like it’s normal?”

This pleasant man also hates Jews. He wrote in January, “The answer to Zionism or any other -ism is the gospel of Jesus Christ. His death, burial and resurrection for the salvation of sin. I'm not beholden to Jews or any other group. People need to repent and believe the gospel. Hell is gonna be hot.” In February, he listed Jews among the “evils that exist” in the world: “Illuminati. Covid shots kill. Rothschilds. Communists. Woke pastors. Social gospel. Christ will chuck a bunch of stuff in the fire.”



Kari Lake Victory Proves Republicans Need No Help Electing Kooks

Here’s some more of Jackson's quality content.

So, why would Lake endorse this freak show? He’s not running for governor or US Senate. He’s arguably low on the totem poll for her notice. What does she have to gain politically? Apparently, not even Lake knows because she conveniently claimed amnesia about his offensive remarks. She said, "I looked at Jarrin's resume as (a) Combat Veteran in Afghanistan. It is impossible to dig into everything someone has said in their life. If his reported comments are true, I obviously rescind my endorsement."

This is bullshit. You don’t have to dig deep to find Jackson's rancid rhetoric. A staff intern’s quick Google search would do the trick. Far-Right state Sen. Wendy Rogers and Republican secretary of state nominee Mark Finchem also endorsed Jarrin. White Christian nationalism is the obvious common link.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, who unlike Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is actually awake as Arizona Republicans go fascist, tweeted Friday, "Only reason Kari Lake supports an antisemite or a homophobe for office is because she is both.” Succinct and to the point. Lake, ever the class act, responded, "Are we playing the guilt by association game, Ruben Gallego? How's your friend Eric doing? Did he introduce you to Fang Fang?"

Lake included a photo of Gallego and Rep. Eric Swalwell, shirtless and riding camels in Qatar last year. They’re with their wives but Lake’s “Fang Fang” dig is a tacky reference to a suspected Chinese spy. She tried cozying up to California politicians, including Swalwell, and even helped fundraise for his 2014 campaign. However, after receiving a heads-up from US intelligence, Swalwell cut off ties with Fang. He’s not accused of any wrongdoing but that doesn’t stop assholes like Rep. Lauren Boebert and Lake from smearing Swalwell as some Manchurian Candidate.

Obviously, Lake’s “guilt by association” argument is apples and antisemitic oranges. She’d yet to cut ties with Jackson, who hardly tried to hide his true nature from Lake. Fang was allegedly a spy. The whole point is to keep that on the down low. What’s repulsive about the Right's Swalwell/Fang narrative is the implication that he should’ve immediately suspected her. California has the country’s largest Chinese American population.

Gallego ignored Lake’s low blows and kept asking, "Are you still endorsing the Anti-Semite?” and "Just say whether you agree with the candidate you endorsed. Should ‘jews go to hell’?” Swalwell also entered the chat: "Whoa whoa whoa. Kari Lake gets called out for backing a guy who says 'Jews Are Evil’ and her clap back is to try and smear me? Bad idea, Kari. I will make you two promises: 1) you’ll never be governor; and 2) I will now make sure millions know you’re anti-Semitic."

Lake slunked away, and she officially retracted her endorsement Tuesday. She told Axios Phoenix: "I respect Jarrin's service to our Nation, but clearly denounce that kind of derogatory language. Let me be clear: Our great movement welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to fight for a better future.”

Maybe I’m overly formal, but I’d think you wouldn’t want to remain on a first name basis with an antisemitic bigot. Not surprisingly, Rogers and Finchem are still cool with their endorsement.

[Axios / Oklahoman]

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