'Lunatic Country Music Person' Maren Morris Turns Tucker Carlson's Hate-Babbles Into $100K For Trans Kids

This is a story that's been brewing for a week, maybe longer, but if we skip to the ending, Tucker Carlson looks like a moron and over $100,000 has been raised to help transgender kids, in his name. Thank goodness Tucker is always picking fights with people who are superior to him in every way.

But we'll back up and tell you how we got here!

Some days ago, Tucker's show featured the dustup that happened when Brittany Aldean, wife of country star Jason Aldean, said some stupid transphobic shit. It was woefully, laughably ignorant shit, the kind of ignorant shit that says "I actually thought Libs Of TikTok was a real news source! They just dun' canceled my news, Papaw!" Obviously that wasn't Aldean's quote. Instead she said she's grateful that when she went through her "tomboy" phase, her parents didn't "change my gender." Because she's apparently so ignorant she thinks parents are just taking their kids to the doctor and saying, "Well durnit, our daughter climbs trees like a common boy! Please turn our daughter into a common boy!"

The Aldeans, as far as we can tell, are garbage human conservatives, because the overproduced Wonder Bread version of commercial country music Jason Aldean does still has room for people like that. Maren Morris, a country star who exists on the other side of the country music divide from where the Aldeans are — the good side — did not like what Brittany Aldean had said, and expressed that both on Twitter and on Instagram.

Here she is on Twitter, replying to singer/songwriter Cassadee Pope.

Insurrection Barbie indeed has a brand that sells clip-ins, but as you can see she did not zip it.

On Insta, Morris said even more.

“I’m glad she didn’t become a boy either because we really don’t need another asshole dude in the world. Sucks when Karens try to hide their homophobia/transphobia behind their ‘protectiveness of the children.’ Weren’t they putting their kids in ‘Biden-is-a-pedo’ shirts on social media?” Morris wrote, a reference to a clothing line promoted by the Aldeans that features shirts with sayings like “Hidin’ from Biden” and pro-Trump imagery. “Fuck all the way off to Insurrection Barbie and the fellow IB’s trolling this comment section with their hypocritical, hateful asses.”

All of this made Brittany Aldean VERY VERY MAD! Rolling Stone describes her reply on Instagram as "novel-length," and includes this quote, which is just as ignorant as everything we know about Brittany Aldean so far:

“Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care’ is one of the worst evils”

Oh ye of little knowledge of anything you are talking about, shut the fuck up.

Of course, we can see where dumbass fools like Brittany Aldean are getting their information, because look who chimed in on Twitter:

"Oh my god, not you." So say us all.

All of this about castrating children is self-evidently bullshit to anybody who doesn't spend their days eating rightwing paint chips. It's the same level of self-evident bullshit as the rightwing lies about how the liberals love to do full-term full-birth abortions, where the doctor puts the itty bitty baby on the table and everybody says googoo gaga and then they decide whether or not to "execute" it post partum, as Donald Trump once memorably lied to the cows who came to his rally that day.

You are either that stupid, or you know you're lying, which makes you evil. There is no third option.

All kinds of good people cheered for Maren Morris. If you read through Twitter and Insta comments, you see a lot of the Good Nashville, the people who are trying to pull the country music industry into the modern world.

Are you an old who would like to know what this "Maren Morris you just now heard of" sounds like? Here you go.


Somewhere in there Jason Aldean's PR firm dropped him, but it's not officially clear why.

And also the scum of the earth found out. "Lunatic Country Music Person," said the chyron on the Tucker show. And Morris thought it was hilarious and tweeted "#NewProfilePic," kind of like how Wonkette puts it in our Twitter bio when Maggie Haberman attempts to pass judgment on our august website.

But Maren Morris did not stop there. She put it on a shirt and used it to raise money for trans kids.

Before Labor Day weekend started, it had already raised over $100,000. The phone number on there is a crisis hotline for trans kids, by the way.

And that is the fun and happy story about how Tucker Carlson opened his mouth and $100,000 in cash to help trans kids fell out.

This, as they say, is how it is done.

[Rolling Stone]

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