Thank You Daily Caller For Bringing Joe Biden's Hot Leather-Daddy Gay Public Health Doc To Our Attention!

Thank You Daily Caller For Bringing Joe Biden's Hot Leather-Daddy Gay Public Health Doc To Our Attention!

What has got the Nerf-headed choads at the Daily Caller all chuffed and knackered today? Let's see, making sure everyone knows the accused killer of a Las Vegas reporter was a Democrat ... yawn. (We're sorry we hid it in our headline, Daily Caller.) The NFL insulting America by holding a moment of silence for Queen Elizabeth before Thursday night's season opener ... pffft. (Apparently the Caller didn't get the memo that the hard-Right is supposed to revere Elizabeth for representing a bygone era when England benevolently ruled the world by subjugating and colonizing millions of the planet's duskier-hued cohort. Or as conservatives call it, the Golden Ages.)

Ah, here we go: "Meet Joe Biden’s Monkeypox Czar — A Gay Doctor In Drag Who Wants To ‘Dismantle Stigma’"

Yep, the choads are all wound up that Joe Biden appointed a doctor by the name of Demetre Daskalakis who has a long history of working to treat infectious diseases in the gay community to help lead the White House's National Monkeypox Response group.

From Tucker Carlson's very own Der Sturmer:

Prior to serving in the White House, Daskalakis was the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of HIV Prevention, according to the statement. He also led the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s infectious disease efforts, and developed a clinical practice focused on serving neglected LGBT communities.

Wow, sounds as if he is well-qualified to work on a disease that has so far primarily affected (but is not limited to) the gay community.

Over the course of his career, he’s deployed some unorthodox tactics to serve that demographic.

Unorthodox like Patch Adams wearing a clown nose while treating sick children? Fine, Robin Williams made a movie about that guy, what's the issue?

Daskalakis operated an HIV and hepatitis screening clinic out of a small office inside a Manhattan S&M club called Paddles, where men could pay $40 to party without their coats or clothes, according to the Atlantic. He also dressed in drag to administer meningitis vaccines at sex clubs and bath houses during an outbreak in New York City, NBC News reported. In an interview with The Atlantic, he claims to have learned his bedside manner from “East Village drag queens.”

There is an old saw for the medical profession about meeting the patients where they are, which is so important that no less an authority than the American Medical Association promotes the practice. Sounds to yr Wonkette as if Dr. Daskalakis is very good at his job in treating and promoting public health.

A perusal of Daskalakis’ Instagram profile reveals dozens, if not hundreds, of shirtless photos showcasing the doctor’s physique. Many photos are from LGBT community events like pride parades, and feature the doctor in suggestive clothing.

Which the Daily Caller writer pored over in excruciating detail, for journalism.

There is really no reason to mention the doctor's shirtless Instagram photos while running down his medical qualifications, unless you want your readers to think ZOMG Old Man Biden is bringing in yet another radical tradition-hating leftist to work in the sacred White House. Which, being the Daily Caller, is exactly the frame through which you are supposed to view this story.

Anyway, thanks for bringing Dr. Daskalakis to our attention, Daily Caller. Yet more proof that the Biden administration takes its responsibilities seriously and hires highly qualified and dedicated professionals to administer them.

[Daily Caller]

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