Herschel Walker: A Word, A Salad, And A 9/11 Quote

Herschel Walker: A Word, A Salad, And A 9/11 Quote

Herschel Walker — the actual Republican Senate nominee from Georgia — is starting to pull ahead in polls against incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. An InsiderAdvantage/FOX 5 Atlanta poll released Thursday shows Walker leading Warnock 47 percent to 44 percent. That’s a two-point increase for Walker and a four-point drop for Warnock since July. Everything’s coming up Walker, despite his literal “too many trees” platform. An Emerson poll has Walker up two points over Warnock.

If neither candidate meets the 50 percent threshold, the election would head to a runoff.


Living Brain Donor Herschel Walker Pretty Sure There’s Too Many Damn Trees On The Planet

Herschel Walker, Leading Polls, Assures Voters His Bicycle Is Mentally Sound

Warnock is winning young people and seniors in the Insider/Advantage poll while Walker performs disgustingly well with voters between the ages of 40 to 64. Sixty percent of men back Walker, and 55 percent of women, who know better, support Warnock. Walker has just 12 percent support from Black voters but that’s still about five percent better than former Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler managed against Warnock.

Walker shared the secret of his success last week:

"The reason is, I'm getting out and meeting the people, and I'm talking to the people and the people are speaking. You know, they've spent over $50 million against me, but the race is still tied," Walker told host Sean Hannity.

Somehow, Walker talking to other sentient humans has turned the race in his favor. This is a depressing comment about the Georgia electorate, considering that whenever Walker opens his mouth, you can hear the ocean say “Duh?”

Walker is running with the “Warnock is an anti-American radical” ball that Loeffler fumbled. He appeared at a campaign event with MAGA opportunist Nikki Haley and spread lies and gibberish. He claimed Warnock said “America needs to apologize for its whiteness.” Warnock said no such thing. Those are words from a cliched parody of a diversity training seminar. However, technically, Walker said he “remembered” hearing Warnock say this. Recall that Walker also “remembers” he was an FBI agent. His memory is probably moldy swiss cheese.

Walker cannily noted that white guilt isn’t a prominent topic in the Bible (neither is America, which didn’t exist when the Bible was written). The genius went on to explain how “Our founding fathers already apologized for (America’s) whiteness,” in the same document that legally treated Black people as second-class citizens. The text for the Three-Fifths Compromise didn’t end with “Whoopsie!”

He said, “(If) you read the Constitution, it talks about every man being treated fair.” If we’re feeling generous, we can assume he’s actually referring to the Declaration of Independence, which says “all men are created equal.” This offer applied only to white men, not white women or anyone of color. A majority of the white men who signed the Declaration of Independence, including its author, profited from the labor of enslaved people.

But this is all conservative porn, and it’s an even bigger kink when a Black man repeats this drivel.

Sunday, Walker, who is definitely completely in command of his faculties, had this to say on the 21st anniversary of 9/11.

WALKER: Well, you know, you’ve gotta pay tribute to the 9/11 victims, you know? But also, you saw America come together. You saw America come together because this country was, you know, it was on a war with a country that didn’t believe in us. And right now we have leaders in Washington like Joe Biden doing venomous speeches that doesn’t believe in American people. He’s trying to separate us. I’m running against Senator Warnock who’s another one that says White people gotta apologize for whiteness.

And so forth!

The United States wasn’t at “war” on 9/11. The terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center weren’t acting as another country’s recognized military. However, Walker has just absorbed the Bush administration’s 9/11 propaganda that insisted we were attacked because of “our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” (Right-wingers would later demonstrate how much reasonable disagreement with our government mattered when they cancelled the Dixie Chicks and french fries.)

Like Donald Trump, Walker talks like someone who only knows what he’s told on Fox News.

During his interview with Walker, Sean Hannity gloated that the Georgia election could decide the balance of power in the Senate. Damnit, he’s probably right.

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