Here Are Your Best Lauren Boebert Debate Videos, For You To Laugh At

2022 midterms
Here Are Your Best Lauren Boebert Debate Videos, For You To Laugh At

Rep. Lauren Boebert, Republican congressman from Colorado, should we repeal the 19th Amendment? (Women's suffrage.)

No, she said.

Rep. Boebert, should there be exceptions for rape or incest when it comes to women's healthcare?

Do you mean that in relation to the 19th Amendment, she asked?

No really, she asked that. That's what she asked, in response to the question asked by her opponent Adam Frisch.

Just a good fun debate with Lauren Boebert!

And that's just how it went!

Do you promise you'll serve your whole term even if your dream job of being a Fox News commentator comes open?

Uh, that is not my dream job, my dream job is raising my four sons and raising goats!

But as Rolling Stone explains, the bonkers started before the debate even started, as Boebert demanded the moderator, Edie Sonn of the Colorado Behavioral Health Council, disclose that one time in 2020 she sent a tweet that was supportive of Boebert's 2020 opponent. Because it's NOT FAIR to have a moderator who is a "partisan." The debate moderator should have NEVER EVEN HEARD OF POLITICS, we guess.

"Come again?" asked Sonn, because what in the fuck even.

And there was bickering, and Boebert complained. But Sonn explained, "Congresswoman Boebert, this is not about me tonight. This is about you and your opponent. I am here to ... be the traffic cop while these panelists ask questions." And the audience clapped.

Elsewhere during the debate, it seemed Boebert was under the impression she was debating Nancy Pelosi, since she just kept saying "Fire Nancy Pelosi" and "Nancy Pelosi's con game." Frisch kept saying he wasn't Nancy Pelosi but that didn't stop Lauren Boebert. Here is a compilation of that:

And then at one point, she said "In Washington, DC, the problem is that there's not enough of me."

So that seems like a great debate.

This, dear readers, is why Sarah Palin cannot be in Congress. You thought it was because of ranked choice voting? Oh no.

The reason is because the universe has correctly determined that the current class of GOP idiots is more Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin, and therefore it would be cruel to Sarah Palin to force her to try to out-Palin dumbfucks like Boebert.

It's for Sarah Palin's own personal well-being, is what we are saying. The universe is looking out for her.


[h/t Rolling Stone]

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