Just A Normal Conversation With Rudy Giuliani About 9/11 Trutherism And LAPTOP!

Just A Normal Conversation With Rudy Giuliani About 9/11 Trutherism And LAPTOP!

Rudy Giuliani is many things, but the way he entered America's consciousness was as the mayor of 9/11. (He was on the board of aldermen for 9/11 before that.)

And this week is the 21st anniversary of 9/11, so it makes sense it would come up, even though Rudy has deviated so far from who he at least appeared to be back in those days, it's a bit jarring.

Rudy was on Real America's Voice with Dr. Gina — no, we are not sure who that is or what that is — and Dr. Gina led Rudy down a very strange path of just gently insinuating that maybe 9/11 Truthers aren't that crazy after all.

Is it so crazy to think the government might have done 9/11?

And Rudy was kind of OK with the line of questioning?

Dr. Gina said we definitely should "always remember" and "never forget," but she wanted to know, now that Rudy has been "persecuted" by the federal government, for "being friends with the president," is it so crazy for people to ask those questions? Dr. Gina is not saying she believes those things.

And just as she started to say she no longer faults people "for asking questions that may sound outlandish," Rudy's face got all animated, and soon after, he began to answer.

Well, you know doctor! That's really, uh ... I find myself now saying things and realizing they're true that, if I had said them five years ago, I would have thought I was crazy!


RUDY: Let's take Russian collusion! That a political party would spend a couple million dollars to make up a charge, to frame a candidate for president, then to try to frame a president, and remove him on a charge that was purchased, that was a complete lie, carry it on for four or five years and have the support of the American press, I woulda said that's crazy that can't happen HAHAHA that can't possibly happen, the press will be outraged, they'll go nuts! And once they found out that it was a complete fraud, they just go on to the next fraud, the whole thing with the Ukraine, which turned out to be another fraud, and then they go on to suppress the hard drive! ...

Yes, it would be crazy to think the Democrats would spend "a couple million dollars" to frame Donald Trump for Russian collusion. Super weird how they got the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee to agree with them and go along with the hoax.

And then there was the whole thing with the Ukraine!

And there was laptop!

If you had told Rudy Giuliani five years ago that he would say "laptop!" Rudy Giuliani would have thought Rudy Giuliani was crazy!

But now Rudy Giuliani does not believe Rudy Giuliani is crazy.

And that was his answer to a question about if it is entirely crazy to think maybe the US government did 9/11.


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