Congrats On Your Trumpy Election- Denying GOP Senate Nominee, New Hampshire!

Congrats On Your Trumpy Election- Denying GOP Senate Nominee, New Hampshire!

The Republican Party's dwindling non-MAGA wing scored another flawless defeat Tuesday in New Hampshire's US Senate primary.

Retired Army Gen. Don Bolduc defeated New Hampshire state Senate President Chuck Morse 38 percent to 35 percent. Sitting Republican Gov. Chris Sununu had endorsed Morse, who you can tell is a RINO because he conceded the race last night without complaint. You can also tell that he prioritizes party over principle because he immediately endorsed Bolduc, an anti-vaxxer and election denier.

He tweeted:

It’s been a long night & we’ve come up short. I want to thank my supporters for all the blood, sweat & tears they poured into this team effort. I just called and wished all the best to @GenDonBolduc. The focus this fall needs to be on defeating Maggie Hassan.

Morse apparently thinks what matters most is defeating perfectly normal political Maggie Hassan — hardly some wide-eyed radical — and regaining control of the Senate. He's seemingly forgotten all about Bolduc's anti-democratic eccentricities, but we haven't.

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Last year, the New Yorker reported on the regrettable number of candidates running for office who support Donald Trump's fascist Big Lie about the 2020 election. Bolduc was one of the more disturbing examples: He signed a letter with other former military leaders claiming widespread election fraud. Bolduc gained Trump's approval if not his outright endorsement when he attacked General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Former Trump adviser Cory Lewandowski, who lives in New Hampshire, is reportedly no fan of Bolduc.)

During his New Yorker interview, Bolduc ludicrously claimed "my values and principles as an American, and the Constitution, which I served for thirty-three-plus years in the military, was safe with President Trump. I didn’t think so with President Biden."

The New Yorker asked if Bolduc thought this "stems from Trump’s reading and understanding of the Constitution?" That was obviously a trick question because Trump probably hasn't read and understood anything more complex than a "Bazooka Joe" comic.

[Trump's] not a career politician, because I honestly believe that career politicians, over time, drift further and further away from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Even though he was a multibillionaire, my sense with him was that he was more in touch with the American culture than you see with a lot of the politicians. He was, like all of us, very concerned about what professional athletes did by kneeling to the American flag. He spoke out about that, where a lot of other career politicians wouldn’t do that.

Trump actively bashed Black athletes who peacefully protested police violence, which the constitutional expert should've recognized is protected speech. The Constitution, however, doesn't grant defeated presidents the right to overturn elections or incite violent attacks against Congress. Not surprisingly, Bolduc has more sympathy for those who broke into the Capitol than he does for anyone who kneels quietly during the National Anthem. (We'll never tire of reminding that kneeling for the anthem was what critics wanted Colin Kaepernick and other athletes to do, to show proper respect, instead of remaining seated on the bench. But then he did, so that demand was no longer operative.)

I do not think that we should be using violence, destroying property, and so on and so forth, and running around and taking pictures in people’s offices. I certainly don’t agree with that, but they believed that their rights were violated. They believed that they lost their voice.

Bolduc insisted without evidence that there was "a significant amount of fraud" in New Hampshire's elections. He claimed Sununu "is in denial, in large part because he benefits from it, and so do all the federal Democratic incumbents. They all benefitted from it. Statistically, they won by margins that were mathematically impossible and defied common sense."

I resent having to link to actual proof that there was no fraud in the 2020 election. Unfortunately, Bolduc isn't tethered by facts or observable reality so he's openly stated that he'd refuse to certify a 2024 Biden victory. That wasn't disqualifying for a plurality of New Hampshire Republican primary voters, and now, it's apparently no longer disqualifying for Chuck Morse.

Recent polls show Hassan narrowly leading Bolduc. Let's hope that advantage holds as the so-called "normal" Republicans rally behind Bolduc.

[The New Yorker]

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