LIVE: Joe Biden Having Electric Car Day, Like VROOOM ZAP!

Joe Biden is going to Detroit today to say some words about the electric vehicle manufacturing boom in America, or at least that's what we just copied from the White House's description of the event. The new Inflation Deflation bill has incentives for buying electric vehicles, so it's on topic.

But we think he mostly just convinced Ron Klain to let him go to the North American International Auto Show, because fuck yeah motherfuckers, it is Cars And Truck And Things That Go day, motherfuckers. Also he probably just wanted to spend more taxpayer dollars screwing around, because it was so fun yesterday when he got to spend a whole hour yanking America's jerk chain by going to Delaware to vote.

If you want to read more about his visit, why don't you go to a real newspaper where it's boring?

If you just want to watch Joe Biden yap about cars, your video is below.

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